European pyramid mystery

European pyramid mystery

Mysterious pyramids cease to amaze inquiring minds archeologists, ufologists, and just ordinary people who are interested in ancient legends. Probably many have heard of the American pyramids, well, about the African, the famous pyramid of Cheops probably all familiar. But it turns out there are not only the pyramids on these continents, recently scientists lucky and they found in Bosnia first European pyramid! It is located not far from Sarajevo, in High.

So far, archaeologists have begun to explore the tunnel leading to the two mountains, like a giant pyramid, but the analysis of space and satellite imagery has given a clear picture: the design is perfectly oriented to the four cardinal points (as well as the Egyptian pyramids) and has a base of about 400 m and height of about 220 m, 150 m above the famous pyramids of Cheops!

European pyramid mystery

Doubt that the pyramid was built by man, there is the mountain of cools faster than the surrounding area, which means its dense structure, and hence the artificial origin. Below the soil surface, archaeologists found paved area, entrances to tunnels and large stone blocks with traces of artificial treatment. Preliminary excavations have revealed a narrow entrance to the tunnel, apparently leading to the extensive network of underground corridors. Researchers have found two cameras that communicate with other underground facilities. Archaeologists believe that ancient underground passages can lead to the other two pyramid-shaped hills. Scientists were quick to name the three hill big names: Sun, Moon and Dragon. But what of the ancient Balkan people was the creator of the Bosnian "pyramids" is unclear. Perhaps this is the work of the ancient Illyrian tribes inhabited the region before the migration here Slavs began in VI-VII centuries. BC.

Meanwhile in Mexico continued excavations. In Mexico City, a place where usually held Easter celebration, they found 18-foot pyramid. Was based on the assumptions of archaeologists it simultaneously with known pyramids of the ancient city of Teotihuacan, located 50 km to the northeast of the Mexican capital. The base of the pyramid in size coincides with the base of the giant Pyramid of the Moon (150 to 130 meters). According to scientists, the structure was buried under 60 inches of the ground and is in poor condition. Illegal structures erected on one of the slopes of the hill, and holding Easter celebrations could not result in significant destruction of the walls of the pyramid. Meanwhile, the neighborhood continues to study the world-famous Pyramids of the Moon. There, archaeologists have found remains of 12 human bodies, 10 of whom were beheaded. Two other bodies apparently belonged to the nobility, as they were adorned with jewels and necklaces made of human bones.

These findings suggest that the pyramid was used for the offering of the creators of human sacrifice to the gods in order to strengthen the political and spiritual power in the state of the Aztecs. "It's hard to believe that the rituals consisted of purely symbolic actions — most likely sacrificial ceremony included the killing of people and animals," — said the head of a group of archaeologists Saburo Sugiyama (Saburo Sugiyama). "While we can not say that sacrifices itself on the territory of the pyramid, but in any case it was one of the most gruesome rituals in the Americas", — said the archaeologist. Great Pyramid of Giza — the most famous and the largest Egyptian pyramid — still holds many mysteries.

The main mystery: a room in which to store the remains of Pharaoh Cheops. French archaeologists claim to compute a secret room under the so-called "Queen's Chamber". Scientists investigated the density of materials and found under the camera socket. In addition, studies have shown that stone tile over the depression was once moved. We can assume that depression is the beginning of the corridor that leads to the back camera — "the burial room." To confirm this finding must be connected to the robot, which recently investigated two sealed corridor. Corridors lead up diagonally from the north and south walls of the so-called "Tomb of Queen" — a rather large room, located under the main "tomb of the king." Apparently, a sealed door corridors are still rooms because southern shaft ends in about fifteen meters from the walls of the pyramid. However, the robot managed to break through the door to get to the flap of limestone, to destroy it and stumble upon another damper. Scientists suggest that the ancient Egyptians had a reason so seriously sealed this part of the pyramid. Perhaps that is where there are remains of the pharaoh Cheops.

It turns out that scientists find the pyramid not only on earth or under the earth, and under the water. They explain it very simply, these pyramids were built when the place was not yet reservoirs. For example, in the western part of the Japanese archipelago, the island of Yonaguni was found 18-meter pyramid and the amazing temple complex. To some of the scientists and geologists have disagreed about the origin of these structures. The doubts were dispelled after divers found at the bottom of a sculpture of a human head, and in a typical headdress of feathers, clearly resonates with similar sculptures of Central America. This greatly surprised scientists, because in most rough estimates this complex could rise above the surface of the water for at least 10,000 years ago, when the water level in the oceans was 40 meters below present. Around about the same antiquity show and dating found near remains of vegetation characteristic of the dry soil, not the sea bed. In those days people still at the stage of development, when he could not build or cut down in stone, but rather hunt in the skins of wild animals. However, the memory of these buildings preserved folklore, telling of the old times, when the area was a large island, with which the "gods came to Okinawa."

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