Exercises to develop feelings of energy

AuraEnergy can be felt in some way by anyone. The following practices are aimed at the development of this feeling.

The initial phase
Pose for training: sitting in a chair or reclining.
Important: The person should be focused on learning — not to smoke, to be sober and rather hungry — that under these conditions the consciousness is best adapted to the perception and, therefore, to learn.

First, the easiest to give yourself the opportunity to feel the energy in your hands, you just need to warm up your hands, and the student concentrates on a particular context, which is very important in the future. Methods of heating from simple hand rubbing palms until the kneading hands.
Once warmed his hands, they should be compressed and listen to the feelings, to feel the blood pulsing in her hands, and then slowly spread them. Then bring back and do the same thing several times.
Once the student will be able to feel the pulse of blood without warming up hands, proceed to the next phase.

Sense of energy

Preheat hands. Compress them and slowly dissolve, there is tingling in the hands (most men) or chill with tingling (most women) if the 3 times to describe the feeling is not there, you can use the boost. To do this, pour their energy into the hands of another on the outside of the palms.
(If you do not feel you can clean the canals)
Further, after the student will be able to easily move on feeling in your hands, go on.

Feel the "gum"

Feel the energy in your hands, then slowly squeeze his hands and a little more quickly decompress them how to play the harmonica.
Learn to sculpt a ball of energy (first experience with a thought-form). Check on what is really required ball (ball invest in yourself, after use in no case do not throw). The method of modeling dough, clay.
Cleaning the channels
Slap the ball and force of will to raise his hand (some makeup and helps control the ball with the other hand) from the wrist to the elbow, from the elbow to the shoulder, roll a ball on the collarbone to the other shoulder, then the elbow and the ball in hand.
Act only in a clockwise direction.

Similarly, with the feet.

Once the channels and toes all turned learn to shift the ball from one hand to the other (it is necessary to clean the spine)
First described sequence of actions, then the same thing, but mentally. Constant checking another person.
After shifting the goal is reached, put the ball on the tailbone and slowly raise it will power up the spine / back (some hard to feel the spine, then climb the outside of the skin). For entry-level enough.
Next, you need to pick up and work with the head. Color and a sense of self-regulation and will enable early diagnosis.

Start manipulation

Learning to "lengthen" the finger. For this action are:
Preheat your hands, feel the elastic energy between divorced hands wound on one of the fingers of the right hand is the spring, so as to produce a beam. Knock beam in the opposite hand. Check to knock on someone else's hand.
Next draw beam on her own and another hand.

Learning to roll the ball over the body surface

This exercise is the most important because it gives control over the thought-form. So, create a ball, place it on top of your head and let it slide down between the eyebrows and then the nose, lips and chin. When the ball rolled off his chin, puts it on his neck and on down — down to the genitals.
Next, create a new ball, put it on the benevolent and down the outside of the back along the spine (do everything slowly).
Additions to this exercise: After everything was possible to create not only the ball, but other simple shapes. The main thing to remember after each step, take the ball to you!
On this basis you can complete manipulation.
Safety rules when working with energy and thought forms

1. Never dump energy into outer space.

2. Do not start training, if you are sick.

3. Not to practice their strength, jumping exercises

4. When working with the spine to avoid negative thoughts.

5. Be patient!

6. If you have started to do some exercise — strictly necessary to bring it to the end!

7. Do not be afraid.
Explanation of safety rules
Item 1:

The energy is not infinite, and your body will not agree with the energy loss (deterioration of health, nightmares).
Item 3:

Not smart you only hurt yourself
Item 4:

Spine — the basis of life. And if there will get angry — Death will not take long.
Item 5:

Not easy to catch a fish out of the pond.
Item 6:

See Item 1.
Item 7:

If you're afraid of something, it is not for you. Think hard. This is not a game, it's for real.
Preparing to seeing energy
What is needed

1. The ability to manipulate energy

2. Dark

3. Light source (lamp or 5-6 candles)

4. Iron dark (black) mirror.
According to paragraph 4, in particular: on the vision is that you need to learn to see what is not visible to the eye, and most people vision is focused on the subjects. But in this lies the main problem is that looking at the student's hand did not see it. Need to look into the black metal mirror, and the reflection is only a guide to the eye
As a mirror, I used the reverse side of the metal tray. You can use dark polish table (table top) the main thing that was not the full extent of the reflection, it is not complete. In a room without light source shall be dark. The light source shall tremble, and be colored. The light should be placed behind and above the head so that the place in which you will have to train in the shadows.
Next, you need to be able to manipulate energy with the resistance to be able to work for a full hour (60 min.)
Feel the energy in one of his hands. From the head of the hand at will energize (can be taken from the coccyx there we are supply of energy and chakra "Kundalini") maintain a sense (or more simply in this state) during the period of training.
Sit in a comfortable position to stand without much movement 1 hour, optimally is a chair and a stool which has a black mirror, slightly leaned forward with his hand to the body, or placed in any other convenient manner.
Now on view: a view must be held between the index finger and thumb with the focus on the reflection in the black mirror.
Position of the hand: it should not be a parallel hand-mirror. The angle of each chooses.
Have to look for an hour, it is desirable to reduce eye blinking at least in the mind must be quiet and no extraneous thoughts. Constant control over the energy in his hand. If distracted squeeze tight black eyes make them take a deep breath, exhale, and training continued.
Usually vision come to this exercise 4-5 times.
Extras: The energy transfer from the head to the hand can be applied to enhance the feeling for beginners. Sometimes you can not see the smoke so there is an alternative method
The only difference is that instead of using one hand to use both, and more specifically his fingers, creating a beam on one of the index fingers and knock on another finger, focus the mind as in the reflection.
The colors will not be right.
Possible options for early vision:

1. White smoke is composed of tiny particles of dust

2. The edge around the finger / hand (dark color at some distance)

3. Red mist by using an alternative method.
This concludes the description of the entry-level training of feeling and vision.

Pavel Smirnov.


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