Expedition to the place of the Flood only put new issues




Most people know the biblical legend of the "Great Flood" when the 40 days and nights, all land was covered with water, and only the righteous Noah and the family of the creatures of the earth, loaded on board survived, so to save life on Earth.

Scientists believe the biblical legends are not inclined. But just drop them off will not do. Therefore scientific minds for a long time struggled with the question, what is a natural phenomenon was the inspiration for the "Flood"?

It turned out that the prototype could be the transformation of the Black Sea from an isolated freshwater lake at the sea, as we know it. This event was the place to be on the assumptions of scientists, about 7.5 million years ago. Around this time, the waters of the Black Sea connected with the waters of the Mediterranean, which has paved its way through the isthmus of land that we now know as the Bosphorus. The level of water in the Black Sea has increased.

Some scholars agreed with this version, others — rejected it. The fact is that there are two models of the flooding of the Black Sea — a gradual increase in the water level and the sudden, dramatic flooding. The second scenario could well be the basis for the legend of the "Great Flood", which are then reflected in the biblical texts. In addition, proponents of the second scenario assumed that the flooding of the Black Sea was not 7.5 million years ago, and is much closer to the present.

To test this theory, on the north coast of Turkey, near the town of Sinop, went representative scientific expedition, led by renowned underwater explorer Robert Ballard (in particular, he found the place flooded the famous "Titanic").

Expedition discovered at a depth of 100 m submerged ancient dwelling and scrutinized him. Unfortunately, the main task of the expedition — the confirmation or refutation of the legend of the Deluge — remained unfulfilled: the settlement was much "dirty" wood debris and rubbish, and set its age, as well as to other scientific research, it was not possible.

Thus, in the mystery of the Flood is still too early to give up. On the contrary, instead of clues, scientists have new puzzles. For example, since it is not clear what kind of housing — in and around it does not show any agricultural tools and household items. It is also unknown how he got the whole mass of wood debris — in fact anywhere near there is nothing like the same pile of wooden debris. Apparently, the answer to all of these questions will need more than one expedition. It is reported NTR.ru.

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