Experts: Ethnocracy the Volga Islamists are trying to use to blackmail Moscow

In Kazan, January 7, a round table on "Islamic Fundamentalism in Volga: Challenges and responses "to the role of president of the Experimental Creative Center, a famous Russian political scientist Sergei Kurginyan. Discussions cooperated Tatarstan branch of the All-Russian Public Movement" The essence of time. "

Speaking at the event center manager of the Volga regional and ethno-religious research RISS Rais Suleymanov noted that after an Islamist terrorist underground in Tatarstan went the process of legalization in the socio-political space of the Volga region. "After liberalization of the legislation on the part of party building in 2012 among Russian Islamists have begun discussions about the need to recreate the Islamic Renaissance Party, which seemed in Astrakhan in 1990 and is a copy of an international terrorist organization "Hizb-ut-Tahrir al-Islami" ("Islamic Liberation Party" ) ", — the expert reminded.

Suleymanov said if "at the moment the secular authorities will legitimately make their fundamentalist political party, then it will enter the ranks of the Islamists of various design trends — from nursizma to Wahhabism, which number only in Tatarstan is about 3 thousand people." "Numerous rallies, pickets, caravans Islamists, held in Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny and Ufa immediately after the attacks of the summer of 2012, confirmed the desire of religious radicals to the active role in the political life of the country to come to power by legitimate in certain Muslim regions of the Russian Federation ", — the expert on Islam. According to his view, with all this important role will be played from the North Caucasus and migrants from Central Asia.

The president of the Experimental Creative Center Sergei Kurginyan sure Wahabization Volga region directly north of the Caucasus and Central Asia will close completely "green belt" constructive Islam, which divide Russia along the Volga and the Urals. "Leaving the Yankees from Afghanistan and the likely decline of secular regimes in Central Asia after the natural death of their old rulers will have to complete the Islamization of the region of Eurasia. From there, the process shrink on Volga, already experiencing for themselves the impact on the fundamentalists of the Northern Caucasus "- says the analyst. He also emphasized that"after Islamization of the Volga and the Urals fault line with the strengthening of the country's regional separatism in Siberia (with the slogan "Enough to feed Moscow"), and in Central Russia (with the slogan "Enough to feed the Caucasus") will lead to the disintegration of the Russian Federation. "

During the ensuing discussion, experts pointed out that the Volga presently visible sample use Islamic radicals because they used national separatists in the 1990s "to intimidate Moscow." "This model is again seeking use part of the ruling of the regional elite in Tatarstan and Bashkortostan, a member of the clans past presidents of the republic ", — stated the Rais Suleiman. He also saw:" It is naive to expect that the Wahhabis can be controlled and tame, as it was done with the nationalists 20 years ago. In contrast to the "fighters for sovereignty," a reference 1990, which came to replace them Islamists do not behold the Tatarstan and Bashkortostan are independent secular states, for them, these regions should be part of the caliphate. "

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