Experts: Medvedev, supporting Serdyukov, shares responsibility

Statement by the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on the effectiveness of the ex-Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov indicates that the head of the government to some extent shares responsibility for what happened at the Defense Ministry with his former subordinate and is willing to maintain it until such time as the investigation has not identified claims against him, according to political analysts polled by RIA announcements.

Primeminister Dmitry Medvedev, responding to reporters' questions 5 channels — Channel One, "Russia-1", NTV and REN TV channel "Rain", on Friday said he had not changed his position in relation to the former Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov and the like Previously it was thought that he was working very well. He also noted that the involvement of Serdyukov to the corruption scandal should be tested due until the defendant in cases it is not.

Russian President Vladimir Putin sent Serdyukov's resignation on November 6, as the new head of the Defense Ministry announced by Sergei Shoigu, who worked for the past six months, the governor of the Moscow region, and earlier for 18 years was head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

According to the views of political scientist Alexei Mukhin, Medvedev understands perfectly well that he was in a certain degree of shared responsibility with Serdyukov for what happened and is happening in the military sector, the Ministry of Defence, viz.

"I think there Dmitry Medvedev tried to bring to the public the fact that he shares a profession Serdyukov and his personal projects ", — said Mukhin RIA announcements.

According to him, Medvedev said that the profession Serdyukov really able to evaluate positively, as task that was set before him as the Minister of Defence, is made: the financial vertical in the Ministry of Defence rebuilt.

"Another thing is that the results of the operation of the vertical — they were not as specific. And it really be assessed, including law enforcement agencies," — said the expert.

He believes that Medvedev will support Serdyukov smoothly until such time as the law enforcement agencies, the investigation does not arise entirely certain claims against the former Minister of Defence.

Expert at the Institute of Humanitarian and Political research Vladimir Slatinov also believes that Medvedev feels the political responsibility for Serdyukov as its own former subordinate.

"This is justified by the fact that a large part of the Minister Serdyukov held under President Medvedev. And at the moment Dmitry Anatolyevich, secretly conscious of its political responsibility for actions Serdyukov, tries to evaluate its work positively, "- said Slatinov RIA announcements.

In his view, the act can not be assessed as Minister Serdyukov's Defense Ministry without an inclusive analysis of all of the military reform.

Expert believes that Serdyukov has to bear the political and professional responsibility for corruption in his own department, not only to answer to the law, if he will be charged.

"Medvedev does not estimate the reform of military education and health care, does not estimate the combat capability, does not give its active selling accessories. This separation efficiency Prof. Serdyukov and claims to it from the standpoint of corruption in his department looks a bit far-fetched, "- concluded Slatinov.

According to political analyst Misha Talkers, Medvedev's statement about Serdyukov — This is an additional argument that is likely to charge ex-minister will not be present.

"While on the one hand, a person could implement strategically consistent with the political management of the country's direction, on the other hand, some fundamentally, but the personal decisions he allowed a minimum of mistakes, as a maximum — severe failures … Because I personally hope that it is not will be received by our security forces, as the failure to consider all the events and relationships that would be associated with the decisions of the minister, "- said Remizov RIA announcements.

He noted that the Prime Minister Serdyukov has always expressed support. According to a professional, this is explained by the fact that the strategic direction of military reform were approved at the highest level and effectiveness of Serdyukov was required to overcome the "resistance of the medium."

"But there were many coming. During 1-x, Serdyukov was to command the army as soon as economic complex, although the system has to solve to the same military tasks … Military science was rejected, the very administration of the army as the economic complex was not always honest because, despite that implement the agreed plans for the strategic direction … the right competence and integrity was not "- said the expert.

In October, it became clear that on the facts of fraud in real estate transactions, land and shares owned by companies controlled by the Ministry of Defence "Oboronservis", was initiated five criminal cases, the amount of damage is more than 4 billion rubles. In connection with the investigation of this case Serdyukov was sent into retirement.

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