Experts: the state of the Armed Forces catastrophic

The volume of money that has been allocated for the last 10 years in the world to safety, increased by 45 percent. By his own defense budget as before leading America. And the Russian Federation's defense spending in this area is 2 times greater than the costs of Iran, Turkey and India.

But in the procurement of new weapons and technology capacity buck less than a factor of 2, showing her the wrong money management (at the moment the share of the Russian Federation accounts for only 1 percent of the world production of different products, while more than 30 percent of global resources are concentrated on its area).

According to estimates of professionals, 30-60 percent of the military budget of the Russian Federation of Municipal plundered. Also attracts the enthusiasm and the result of comparison of military concepts and doctrines of the Russian Federation and the United States. For example: in accordance with the latest U.S. offensive concept to coat 80,000 cruise missile strikes on military and administrative centers of the enemy (with a density of 1,000 missiles a day). In addition, given the value of combat operations in the criteria of local conflicts. The newest U.S. nuclear doctrine envisages reducing the number of nuclear warheads to 1,550, also divert missiles from large villages Fri possible opponent (RF) at a fundamental strategic economic plan — "Rosneft", "Gazprom", "Rusal", "Norilsk Nickel", "Evraz "" Surgutneftgaz "," Severstal ", the Italian company Enel and German T.ON.

Regarding the Russian Federation should also take into account the factor of NATO. The time it takes strategic aviation alliance to cover the distance from the border of Estonia to the center of Saint Petersburg, is only 4 minute, and before Moscow will need about 18 minutes. NATO forces can be applied to 245 teams and 24 divisions (25,000 armored vehicles, several thousand aircraft, 13,000 tanks). It should be noted that the division Alliance fighting capacity exceeds 3 times the division of the Russian army, which in the majority of their own equipment and weapons equipped 80s.

According to reports, the Russian Armed Forces General Staff are not developed plans for the transition of the armed forces and the country on a war footing to a peacetime. Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff has been reduced by 51 percent (from 584 management employees left 297). A similar rate reduction seen in other major departments of the General Staff. Given the current situation in the coming 10 years will be impossible to prepare the respective officer. Preparing such spetsa likely only after a 15-year period.

In 2009, the Defense Ministry expenses totaled more than $ 1 trillion Russian rubles. This is about the 7th part of the federal budget. Court of Auditors estimated that 20 per cent indicated amounts are earmarked spending. So, namely, the main objectives are not achieved — the suppression of acts of aggression regional and local scale, control of the military-political threats, an effective fight against terrorism, etc. In accordance with the decree of the Minister of Defense, which was published in 2009, by 2016 the number of Forces will be 1,884,829 people, of whom 1,000,000 soldiers (to be reduced by about 200,000 troops). But according to the accepted after the decision, the process of reducing the army to be completed by 2012.

We can assume that the main feature of the reform — is the transition from a 4-speed (military district — army — division — regiment) command and control system to a 3-speed (military district — army — brigade). With this transition will be reduced officer staff from 355 thousand to 150 thousand people. To see and what these states this day staffed only by 30 percent. In the recent past was the generals in 1107, and after the reform, the number will be reduced to 866 people. Colonels will decrease from 25 665 to 9114 people. Also, as part of the reform of the armed forces have planned to create 12 infantry brigades, 7 army air defense brigades and 12 brigades of communication. Of the currently available 1890 military units remain only 172 units and formations.

The state of the Russian Armed Forces

— Strategic Nuclear Forces

On the current state, in the municipalities of military orders fraction of the strategic nuclear forces is 25 percent. As of 2009 in Russian Federation there were almost four thousand warheads delivered 814 strategic delivery. At the same time, the U.S. had over 5.5 thousand warheads that are delivered 1,198 carrier. In service with the Russian Air Force has 13 strategic bombers Tu-160 and 63-TU-95MS bombers.

Immediately hit with an increase in inter-continental ballistic missiles the U.S. and rising powers defeat the Russian launch silos were designed mobile strategic complex "Topol". But keep in mind that at a time when America has a satellite radar, optical and infrared reconnaissance, invulnerability, "Topol" tends to zero. Home base is known for the Yankees with the highest accuracy, and its movement is completely controlled by the date when the machine out of the hangar. This greatly increases the possibility of defeat "Poplars." In this perspective, a sound is seen close protection security structures launch silos, their underground location, though it has most of these silos virtually destroyed.

In considering the launch of a ballistic missile submarine, the 7 out of 12 of the tests ended in failure. In addition, in 2010, the Strategic Missile Forces completed only 3 of the 14 planned rocket launch. In December 2009, the planned laying of a new submarine strategic focus of "St. Nicholas", but it has also been postponed. This cruiser had to be the bearer of the latest ballistic missile "Bulava".

There are also difficulties in the production of ballistic missiles and their media. Thus, in 2000-2007, it was created with 27 missiles (which is three times less than the characteristics of the 90s) and 1 strategic bomber Tu-160, which is seven times less than was done in the 90 years of the last century.

— Air force

Russian Air Force dramatically reduced the number of fighters. In addition, most of the planes out of date, and their service life has expired. The number of fighters of all types is about 650 aircraft. Of these, 55 percent are aged above 15 years old and 40 percent of the aircraft is between 5 and 10 years. Issue of new fighters practically suspended. Russian fleet was augmented with the rejected and returned by Algeria subprime MiG-29 SMT.

According disk imaging Defense Minister of the Russian Federation, at the present time in the air can not rise about 200 units of the MiG-29, and it actually is a third of the fighter aircraft fleet. According to current estimates, the modern battle will be able to lead the only fighter MiG-31. Also, the process is delayed in time so called "deep" upgrade an existing aircraft. Realistically for 1 year is to upgrade one strategic bomber Tu-160 and 15-17 of the Su-27.
Duration of hours flown Russian pilots also longs best. At the current time it is an average of 10-30 hours per year, while international safety requirements anticipate the duration of more than 60 hours per year. Also, according to representatives of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation, during the August 2008 conflict with Georgia clearly apparent obsolescence of electronic equipment and combat equipment.

Since 1994 is not equipped with the latest technology air defense forces of the country. In the past 16 years the Russian military did n
ot get a 1st anti-aircraft missile system S-300, and available on arms systems made in the 70-80s of the last century, and in 2015 one hundred percent run out of their abilities. But the air defense systems fail to keep a real battle with the enemy air targets, even if they upgrade will take place in the coming years.

Thus, the modern and the new S-300 "Favorite" ran only for export. Available two divisions of anti-missile systems such as the C-400 is not even enough in order to cover the absolutely airy space, even though what malehankih country.

— Navy

Russian Navy also is in a very insignificant position. Only about 60 ships and submarines of the 1st and 2nd grade will remain in its composition in 2015. All of these ships — outdated standards.

Cooperation in the military-technical sphere

It should be seen that military-technical cooperation is the most lucrative destination for Russian Federation. The country ranks second in the world in the middle of exporting military equipment and weapons. Notwithstanding this measure, in 2010, in terms of exports from Russia were significant declines, among which:

— was voted down an order to supply tanker aircraft IL-78, and 38 transport aircraft IL-76 in China;

— Algeria returned the RF 10 MiG-29 bombers, which were discarded because of their low property;

— voted down a tender for the supply of four diesel submarines and 35 Su-35 bombers to Brazil. This country would prefer to make a contract with France. If our homeland defeated in the tender, it would have received more than 4 billion. bucks and 50 regional jets «Embraer»;

— ripped off one of the greatest weapons of tenders cost $ 10 billion. USD, which was held by India. This government has abandoned the military upgraded fighter Mig29 — MiG35. Indian Defense Ministry officially notified the Russian Aircraft Corporation "MiG" (DGC) and the "Rosoboronexport" about the outcome of the perineum Indian tender, which was announced in 2007. The document contains a detailed 14-point gap analysis offers Russian side — one on the engines.

Note that the designated tender divined supply of Air India 126 fighter jets and evaluated in an amount exceeding 10 milliardov.doll. This failure of in the Indian tender, according to the views of analysts, practically means that these fighters will not be shipped in its own air force, also greatly reduces the chances of the Russian Federation to implement them to anyone else in the world. Experts also point out that the failure of the tender practically puts the question of "life and death" as most of the MiG-35, as a whole, and the company that produces it.

Tasks defense

The decline in sales of military equipment and arms have a devastating impact on the state of the entire military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation. Here it is necessary to see that market relations are at a severe confrontation with the main items of its operation. This is confirmed by a stop and a reduction in a number of industry complex.

Immediately this enclose the loss of existing leading technology and the loss of experienced personnel. In addition, due to outdated technology comes out to develop promising topics for weapons, keep them out of the series and deliver the armed forces of the country. It is for these reasons that the current time value given to purchase weapons and equipment of foreign manufacture, which, according to the calculations of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation, tangibly reduce the gap between the western states.

And in conclusion. All the aforementioned facts boil down to the fact that information about vserasprostranennaya implemented in recent years, militarization, restore military capabilities and the power of the Russian Federation does not correspond to the existing realities.

In practice, there was a perfect degradation of the army of.

Against such a background can not be neglected by himself personnel Russian army. So, for the last time in the armed forces is sensitive increase in the number of crimes, have become more frequent conflicts on ethnic basis, all the more mass character perceives "bullying"; uniformly increases the number of those convicted of crimes and the number of officers. According to the dilemmas was timed joint extended meeting of the boards of the main military prosecutor's office and the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, which took place about a month ago back in the capital.

At a meeting of prosecutors separately noted that almost from the beginning of this year, the Army has recorded more than 500 crimes involving violence, in which more than 20 soldiers were seriously injured, several people were killed. Regarding the officers themselves, then at the head of the military prosecutor's disk imaging S.Fridinskogo, "Only in the last 5 years, the number of convicted Russian admirals and generals increased by 7 times." Also, in the last period and grows sharply increasing number of cases of "bullying" and in military units "nationalist groups" enter their criminal rule.

And in the end, as noted S.Fridinsky in the Russian army has increased the number of crimes related to the manifestation of corruption. Chief Military Prosecutor was obliged to admit that, if 5 years to reverse the sins related to acts of corruption, was seen only one fifth of the number of senior officers, now has a third officer commits such an offense.

PS Stockholm international peace research institute problems (SIPRI) were placed on the days of new data on defense spending in the world over the past year, in accordance with which they have gained the level of 1.6 trillion. bucks. This is 1.3 percent more than was spent in 2009.

A region that is most increment military spending in 2010, according to the views of analysts Stockholm Institute, is South America (up 5.8%). The Institute's experts believe that the continuing growth of defense costs on the American continent is amazing when you consider that there are no real military threats to most states and are more pressing social prepyadstviya. Regarding the data for other regions, the professionals SIPRI noted a drop of 2.8 per cent in military spending in Europe.

According to them, a small increase was observed in Asia and Oceania (1.4 percent), Middle East (2.5 per cent). According to the statement Stockholm professionals, despite the drop in global defense spending, the lead in this process continues to be for America, in which the growth of military spending in 2010 was 2.8 percent.

Professional institute was posted list, which included 10 of the leading countries in terms of defense spending. He, like in 2009, led by the United States. Second, According to experts, China is, third and fourth position was shared by England and France.

Closes above the five of our homeland, the share of which in defense spending for 2010 is, according to experts, 3.6 percent. Following the list are Japan, Saudi Arabia, Germany, India and Italy.

Note that the Stockholm based international research institute of problems of the world (SIPRI) was in 1966, and the agency — independent think tank, which is engaged in the research work of military conflicts, arms control over disarmament and arms.

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