F.Vyachorka urged the U.S. government to support the Belarusian independent media

Frantisek Vyachorka, one of the leaders of the "BPF Youth" and the former "palitrekrut", is in the U.S. at the invitation of the Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe. Youth leader met with representatives of the State Department, organizations and institutions that deal with Belarus.

As the politician, the representatives of the U.S. State Department was interested in the most upcoming presidential elections and the opposition's participation in them. "I described his vision of the situation. I firmly believe that there should be a single candidate who will call people to the area and will be with them to victory. Ask me about the personalities — said Vyachorka. — I am also informed that youth organizations have a common strategy and going to work on the street mobilization. "

Frantisek Vyachorka had a meeting with the former ambassador to Belarus Karen Stewart, David Kramer, representatives The Helsinki Commission U.S. Government National Democratic Institute and The International Republican Institute, head of the US-Baltic Association Carl Altai.

"I spoke about the initiative of Ivan Shyla" Our Army ", cultural projects, their service and the campaign in Mozyr. I suggested to them to organize the information campaign in support of NATO. They asked me how the United States can contribute to Belarus. I requested support independent media, first channel "Belsat" and "Radio Liberty", as well as young people, "- said F.Vyachorka.

The politician took part in the briefing of the international human rights organization Freedom House, devoted to the output of the report for 2009. "I criticized the report, because it says two improvement of the situation in Belarus, but no mention of searches of journalists, political prisoners, finally about forced conscription into the army — said Vyachorka. — During the briefing, I met with the director of the Energy Institute Russian Vladimir Milov and coordinator of the youth movement "Defense" Oleg Kozlovsky. "

In New York, Frantisek Vyachorka visited the main office of Freedom House, where he talked with the Research Directors Archam Paddington and training — Floors Walker, author of a recent report on the situation of human rights in the world. "We talked about Belarus and Cuba, the similarity of the situations and how to change. I made his comments on the report — said Frantisek Vyachorka. — All the people I met in New York, expressed support for democratic forces. America will continue to support those who struggle with dictatorship in Belarus. "

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