Facebook users are allowed to trade bodies through a social network

Facebook users are allowed to trade bodies through a social networkIn the social network Facebook will now be legal trade bodies. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg announced that users of the resource can be specified in a howl of "status" that would like to "monetize" their internal organs, and which ones.
«Facebook — a place where people communicate with each other and share" — with these words begin text of Mark Zuckerberg. implied that "share" Facebook users will their bodies by choice — in vivo or post mortem.
Information on participation in the donor program will have the same settings privacy, as well as other positions and data on Facebook. It should be pointed out in which program you are involved, and the date of registration.

Bodies intended as donations to the needy. The head of Facebook admitted that addressing this problem led him friendship with the founder of Apple Steve Jobs, who two years before his death had a surgery for a liver transplant.
In the U.S., more than 114 thousand people waiting in line for a heart transplant, kidney or liver disease, and millions — worldwide. "Many of these people — an average of 18 people a day — will die waiting, simply because too few organ donors. According to medical experts, the general awareness of organ donation can help in resolving the crisis. We believe that if you just tell people that are an organ donor, the power exchange and communication can play an important role "- turned to the founder of the social network to its users.

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Innovation in the first place will work effectively in the U.S., where the queue for transplant each year there are more than 100 000 people. From other countries, a new feature is currently available to users of Facebook in the UK, writes slon.ru.
Data on potential donor organs for transplantation in the United States are stored in a special state register. In addition, the level of participation in such a program may be contained in the documents, in particular, on the driver's license. However, in most cases, transplant organs from volunteers is still in death, so it is not clear whether a new feature in Facebook significantly help in solving the problem of finding donors for transplantation. It is also unclear how the new feature in Facebook make life easier for illegal organs for transplantation and traders.
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