Farewell to Lukashenko

Nearly fifteen-year history of the Russian-Belarusian Union was a fairly monotonous spectacle. Under Boris Yeltsin was a short initial period when Alexander Lukashenko offered his formula Union — said political scientist Maxim Sokolov to the replica sounded July 19 in current affairs program "Vesti".

It was the fact that Russia is not must nothing to do with what is going on in Belarus, but Belarus is a matter to all, what's going on in Russia. Then the enthusiasm of Alexander Lukashenko fueled the grounds that Yeltsin's departure is not far off, and he saw himself as the head of the general public vvarennya from Brest to Vladivostok.

It ended in 1999 with the arrival of Vladimir Putin. Lukashenko realized that there is nothing to shine, and the Union of Russia and Belarus entered the stationary phase, the meaning of which was that the Russian generously — at the level of tens of percent of the Belarusian GDP — subsidizes the economy ally, and in exchange, Lukashenko says no question of unbreakable brotherhood of the two peoples. When Russia is trying to cut subsidies, Alexander G. very sharply rebuked the leaders of the Russian Federation. After a period of strife subsidies are restored in the same volume, and Lukashenko says again talk of brotherhood. Such is the silly infinity, twice as bad because Alexander G. Do not think of himself outside unlimited power over Belarus, and at the same time he is a man strong and athletic. So megillah and huge subsidies in exchange for a speech about brotherhood — that's 10 years or 25. It would not at 30!

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