Fiery Hill Yanardag

Near Baku, Absheron small hill located Yanardag. This mountain is notable because it is constantly lit. The fire appears every minute in different places on the earth and stones. And it does not matter what the weather: if pouring rain, strong winds are raging, or falling snow flakes. Bright flame here and there breaks out Yanardag.

From the depths of the mountain to the surface is a combustible gas. Therefore, there is fire and there. It is worth noting that the Apsheron peninsula has long been full of such places where the natural eruption of fire occurred. This unique phenomenon described by world famous travelers: Alexander Dumas, and even Marco Polo.

This natural effect is even recorded on the arms of Baku. This ground of "permanent fire" pilgrims come each year. Among them are particularly distinguished people of Iran and India who worship fire. And just bystanders of this celebration flame admire the natural spectacle, spellbound. The best time to view "fire show" is the night. Therefore, at sunset in the mountains Yanardag gather hundreds of people in all weather conditions. The spectacle is truly amazing. For good reason of those things that I admire endlessly long and there is a fire.

Watch Hill Fire Yanardag



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