Figure Bykov not yet rated


Man: "I believe that the Bulls have to give a decent street because it is a very important writer and Belarus, and Russia, and other countries. Therefore needed and the street much to the people living on it and walk on it, always remember I was in such a famous Belarusian writer — Vasily Bykov. rallies here in the city to collect the signatures, I also signed up for one asking the city government to make every effort to name a street after the city Bykov. "

Elderly man: "I'm 61-years in Grodno, but am from Russia, from Voronezh hundred kilometers. And about the streets do not know."

His wife: "I just read his book and I knew it by the book, and about the street do not know …"

Young woman: "I think it's best — where he lived in this street name."

Mr."Street Bykov needed such a man — to Belarus is a huge figure. But I would not jump to rename the old streets. Trinity Street, it used to be — Mishka. When Trinity — not the historical name, then if you give it a name Bykov — then there is no loss will not. authorities have sinned once, renaming a street in the old town, on the changing Lenin and the like. So it is better to build new streets, give them new names. Bykov But the figure is so high that you can sometimes make sacrifices for the sake of the man. Still, this figure is not rated, but over the years it will be. Karatkevich and Bulls — it's something unusual. "

"You can call out a new one. Though it would be good to our call, we are living in the Little Trinity …"

Girl"What she needs — is unique. Because it is necessary to reflect, to leave in the history of the shape. A new street name, or in the middle — then I do not know."

Mrs."Probably the one where he lived, it is better to call in the center."

Man: "The one where he lived, the street was named after him."

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