Finally flew modernized An-70

Military transport aircraft An-70 will be produced in Russia, it will establish an assembly at the Kazan Aircraft Production Association (KAPA) to them. Gorbunov. In "Antonov" confident that it will reduce the cost of production of the model. Russia as a major customer loads the aircraft so their power, and the Ukraine will receive revenue from the supply of units and royalties, experts say. Despite the fact that "Antonov" is a Ukrainian company, 72% owned by Russian project, according to the investment commitments since the collapse of the Union of Russia has taken over.

Two years ago, the project was officially dead — after he refused to Russian Ministry of Defense. The program was a serious problem with the power plant, namely, the uncontrolled acoustic vibrations which affect the structural strength. The upgraded version of dual fans in turbo ventilyatorax (turbofany) ravedeny a greater distance, which solved the problem of self-oscillation.


Ha transferring production of the An-70 urged the Russian side, as it is the main investor and customer of the aircraft, and wish to download so your airline. B Last year, the An-70 was introduced in the state program of arms of the Russian Federation until 2020, and the state defense order of the Russian side should be 60 cars. In total, the program of AN-70 is planned to 80 units by 2020.

The An-70 is capable of speeds up to 780 km / h, to fly at a distance of 7.8 million kilometers and land on unpaved runways length of 600-800 meters aircraft short takeoff and landing can carry up to 300 paratroopers or 47 tons cargoes. The cost of the An-70 — $ 67 million

Photo Credits: Vitaly Nesenyuk and Basil Koba,

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