Finally took Fresh Fest 2013! Festival of healthy lifestyle — without cigarettes and alcohol!

Fresh air, sea, sun, beach and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle has united many people who met on the «FRESH FEST 2013".

This festival — a great alternative to the usual notion of "rest." Horizontal bars and other sports equipment — a great way to engage not only their physical form, but also health, right on the beach. Attract young people to live active and fun vacation in the new format of healthy generation — the main goal of the festival, which the organizers and the participants were certainly realized.

The philosophy of this festival was to unite people from all over the world, for the global development of the idea to direct society to be healthy and smart. A distinctive feature of the project was its complete indifference to politics and the failure of national and religious division of people into friends and foes. On the contrary, the participants jointly looking for what they shared, not shared.

FRESH-FEST was the house where once a year all fresh juices will gather to meet and discuss the further plan of action, colorful and grandiose rest, going to concerts, discos, unique sports, science, animation activities, which by their scale go down in history the CIS and the world.

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