First acquitted Sergei Kovalenko

Vitebsk activist who is serving a sentence in the detention and fast in protest on Friday was brought to the First District Court.

Judge Victor Kalbun, Having considered the police reports, drawn up in opposition on June 25, decided to terminate the lawsuit. According to the court decision, the actions Säre Kovalenko there was no corpus delicti.

The activist was detained on 25 June, when Day was celebrated in the city of Vitebsk. Sergei Kovalenko was walking on Moscow Avenue in Victory Square, scene of the festivities. The police officers who detained him, recorded in the minutes that the activist and swore that violate the rule of law.

Sergei Kovalenko was able to prove the fact that bullying was not. This was confirmed by witnesses, who at that time were near. The judge quashed the case.

However, Sergei Kovalenko says that it is not significant: after his arrest, he spent two days in custody. The activist said that he was detained preventively and for two days purposely placed in a detention center — not to do during the holidays the city shares with a white-red-white flags.

Now Vitebsk member of the Conservative Christian Party BPF is back in the detention center. July 9 he was put there for 10 days for violation of the regime of serving a conditional sentence.

Sergei Kovalenko was awarded three years of imprisonment "conditional" for the fact that on January 7, he posted a white-red-White Flag on the city's main Christmas tree. Convicted "conditional" are subject to special rules. In particular, to return home and not later than 21 hours. According to his mother activist Sergei Kovalenko, the police provoked the delay: waiting for the son would come back and do not let the entrance, until he reached the control time.

In protest against the unjust, according to activists, arrests and penalties, from July 9, he went on hunger strike. In the detention center, it uses only water and crude, but just from the tap. Transfer drinking water for the prisoner relatives banned.

Term disciplinary arrest for Sergei Kovalenko end July 18 evening. Then will be known, whether it will continue the protest, or end the hunger strike.


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