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Far not every gatherings, poelki, popilki and potantsevalki necessarily accompanied by a call to "fast", most of them end peacefully, with minimal disruption to the parties involved. However, some things can seriously damage not only the holiday, but also our health.

Dangers at the holiday table — substandard products or meals are prepared, the reaction of the organism to the amount and composition of food, the problems associated with alcohol and the consequences of those "and in the morning they woke up" (hangover).

Food poisoning

Reports of various poisonings during the feasts come with enviable regularity. The cause of these troubles are likely to be poor-quality products or improper preparation of various dishes from them. The greatest danger, of course, represent a mushroom and canned meat homemade.

Feature fungi that many of them contain toxic substances. And recently gaining another unpleasant trend — more and more often in case of poisoning by mushrooms, which have always been considered edible: chanterelles, mushrooms, "white." As an experienced mushroom pickers collected and properly prepared, they still lead to fatal outcomes. And if the pickers were inexperienced or processing technology fungal broken — that risk increases exponentially. The most dangerous from this point of view, homemade canned mushrooms, less dangerous — pickled, and the least threat carry salt from the forest.

If improperly handled meat and improper storage of canned meat in the home they can develop life-threatening bacteria, for life does not need oxygen — the so-called anaerobes. One of them, Clostridium botulini, produce toxins that can in very small doses, cause a disease called botulism. The disease is characterized by a very high mortality rate and requires immediate hospitalization.

Overdue or not roasted (-cooked) foods can cause food poisoning which, fortunately, usually finishes with a long walk to the toilet. On the surface, poorly washed vegetables or fruits can be preserved agents a variety of intestinal infections.

If, however, serves as a dessert "early" watermelon, a threat to public health may be contained therein, nitrates, got there with fertilizers.

Intestinal infections with relatively mild, and can help the victim in the home. When repeated vomiting, diarrhea and other more severe manifestations without a doctor can not do.

Problems associated with overeating

Many, even the most ardent admirers of all kinds of diets abundant festive table acts like a bunch of glass beads on the Papuans. Some seriously believe that calories obtained over lunch at a party, do not count, as some prefer to just calm down so my conscience.

The Romans solved the problem of overeating is very simple and efficient, but with a modern look, far too unsightly. Periodically, served on a tray peacock feather and capacity to pereevshy patrician, tickling the throat pen, sending the contents of the stomach.

In our time, peacock feathers are found only in the form of jewelry item, so people have eaten all keep to myself. A kaleidoscope of smells, the variety of dishes, good company, alcohol, which removes certain dose brakes think tank hunger and only one, not a rubber stomach capacity from 1.5 to 2.5 liters. For some, the need to combine these things are becoming a very big problem.

One of the biggest hassles that can trap pereevshego person — ileus. Under this state realize a complete cessation or serious breach of the passage of intestinal contents. Very often the disease occurs when taking the rough (nuts, dried fruit) and / or a heavy meal after fasting. Intestinal obstruction is very dangerous and can lead to death.

The first symptoms — pain suddenly appear in all parts of the abdomen. Then there is severe vomiting gastric contents without bringing relief as well — bloating, constipation. Sometimes you can see the bloated gut loops to change the elevation of the abdominal wall and hear the intestinal peristalsis, usually coinciding with the intensification of pain. The victim tries to lie on your side and pull your legs to the stomach (called the forced position). Leather — pale, covered with cold sweat, dry tongue.

When intestinal obstruction can only help the patient emergency surgery.

Overeating and excessive alcoholic drink sometimes lead to severe vomiting, which in turn may trigger the development of another disease — syndrome Mallory-Weiss. When this occurs bleeding associated with mucosal nicked edge of the esophagus and stomach. The main manifestation of the disease is bloody vomit. Treatment, which is carried out in a hospital, is directed to stop bleeding.

Another dangerous condition, also provoked vomiting, so-called "banquet esophagus," or syndrome boerhaave. This — a special type of injury previously healthy esophagus — or rather, a gap of one of its walls because of a sharp increase in intraesophageal pressure. Horizontal stomach acid and enzymes comprising falls into the chest cavity and damage the pleura and lungs.

The clinical picture is characterized by a sharp cutting pain in the chest that occurs during vomiting. The victim — a rapid pulse, rapid breathing, in the subcutaneous tissue of the neck there is air, there is increasing pain on swallowing.

The treatment of this syndrome — with surgery alone, so it is important to as quickly as possible to take him to the hospital by calling "fast".

Exacerbation of chronic diseases

Body, especially frazzled another trendy diet or irregular meals, the holiday table may be very surprised at him suddenly piled up a food abundance. This surprise can be felt in the form of attacks of pain in the right upper quadrant or "pit of the stomach." Thus our body signals that the proposed scope of work, he is unable to cope.

It would seem — it must be true for people with chronic diseases gastrointestinal tract — cholelithiasis, chronic pancreatitis, a variety of gastritis, peptic ulcer. But no, they are usually very careful to ensure that they eat, because they know what can threaten the departure.

So, this problem usually occurs in otherwise healthy people who previously could not even imagine where he is the gallbladder or pancreas. It is on these two bodies have the maximum load during the feast.

The problem of the gallbladder is called acute dyskinesia Biliary and there is because of spasm of the muscle that controls the output of bile from the gallbladder. Recognize this condition is quite simple — a pain in the right upper quadrant, dull aching or, on the contrary, acute cramping.

Antispasmodic help relieve the pain, for example, living in almost every home medicine cabinet Nospanum. Do not be redundant and choleretic agents (sorbitol, magnesium sulfate, allohol, festal) and herbal medicines (corn silk, rose). If the pain persists, begins to give in his right hand, in the right half of the chest and neck, there is a feeling of bitterness in the mouth, nausea and vomiting, increased body temperature — you need to call "fast", as these symptoms may indicate the development acute cholecystitis.

The combination vysokogradusnogo alcohol and fatty foods (the classic example — vodka and fat) can cause the development of yet another unpleasant situation — Acute Pancreatitis, inflammation of the pancreas. This body, which selects the main digestive enzymes, as it begins to digest itself.

Characteristic feature — a pain in the "pit" area, which often extends to the left and right upper quadrant and giving back. Often the pain is girdled, it is enhanced if the lie on his back, and weakens, if you sit down and lean slightly forward. "Echoes" pain can get to the heart, mimicking an
gina. The danger of the situation is the possibility of the development of pancreatic necrosis (destruction of the pancreas) and the development of deadly peritonitis. Such a state is in the home can not be overcome, then to the mandatory intervention of a doctor.

Problems with alcohol

Well, what a feast without the traditional (unfortunately) booze. The range of drinks usually depends on the taste preferences and incomes, but more often on the table is built of different-sized battery and raznogradusnogo alcohol. And if at first guests trying to control — what, how much and in what order they drink, trying to "do not mix" and "not lower degree", the closer you get to the end of the get-togethers, the more blurred the boundaries of different conventions.

Major hassles associated with alcohol, maybe three — actual alcohol poisoning, alcoholic intoxication and hangover surrogates. Last nuisance is so urgent that we talk too much about it below.

An overdose of alcohol can lead to drug coma, which does not differ in clinical presentation of an overdose of any other drug — no voice contact or complete loss of consciousness, respiratory depression, decreased muscle tone, or, conversely, seizures. The main cause of death in this situation — namely respiratory disorders, including those associated with the flooding of the vomitus.

Therefore, if the "got over" guest laid sleep it off, then be sure to put it on its side and periodically ensure that it is not rolled over.

Surrogate alcohol poisoning the holiday table usually occur in cases where alcohol is adulterated ("singed"). The greatest danger to health and life is poisoned with methyl alcohol (methanol).

Methanol is marked toxic effect on the central nervous system are the most sensitive to the eyes thereto. Therefore, it is violation of the view — flies flashing before my eyes, fuzzy "picture" or even blindness — are the main symptoms of methanol poisoning.

Poisoning — both by alcohol and its surrogates — is treated on the same principles as other poisoning. The main principle — the speedy removal of the poison from the body. To do this, wash the stomach — to drink 05-1 liter of warm water, and then to induce vomiting. For a full washing requires a minimum 8-10 liters of water. Then, you must give the victim any sorbent — activated carbon, Enterodesum, Polyphepanum.

If the sneaking suspicion that alcohol was not tampered with and symptoms similar to the regular overdose of alcohol — it is better to call the "fast".


Hangover, in the words of one of thesatirical writer,— An old Russian folk holiday. It is noted in the morning. How many anecdotes and aphorisms devoted to this is not as cheerful. Such attention is understandable — it is difficult to find someone who at least once in my life thought in the morning — as in the joke — "I wish I had died yesterday." In fact, the hangover — quite a serious test for the organism, and refers to it must be serious.

A person who is not suffering from alcoholism, hangovers can be more often in the two cases: the use of large amounts of alcohol with a little snack (or fasting) and "mixing" of various alcoholic drinks (vodka and champagne, brandy and beer, etc.) . Less common cause of a hangover is a low-quality alcohol — in the case where the number of different impurities enough to form a picture of poisoning.

Clinical manifestations of a hangover associated with the circulation of blood breakdown products of ethanol and the development of a cascade of biochemical reactions. The classic symptom — headaches — is the result of the impact of various toxins on the brain. In addition there may be chills, palpitations, weakness, hand tremors, diarrhea.

The best way to deal with a hangover — do not get drunk. However, if the worst yet happened, and the morning condition leaves much to be desired, then get out of it should be gradual, once again without overloading the body.

Above all, it is necessary to fill fluid loss and micronutrients. It is not recommended to drink carbonated drinks with chemical dyes and fragrances — should do juice, tea (especially green), alkaline mineral water. Do not hurt and tested generations of folk remedies — cucumber pickle or sauerkraut.

You should not drink coffee or strong tea — blood pressure during a hangover and so increased.

Physical activity in the day it is desirable to reduce to a minimum. In no case should not take alcohol as a "medicine" — the effect can be the opposite.

How to prepare for the feast?

The best way to avoid unpleasant consequences feast — prevent their occurrence. Therefore, going to the next meal, remember a few rules that can help prevent adverse events.

Never go on a visit to the stomach rumbling with hunger — as long as you're full, and quickly passed to suck the alcohol has time to disinhibited hunger center. In this case, you will stop only when the inside nothing is simply not climb, but back — easily.

Before you take copious feast 2-3 Activated charcoal tablets and tablet festal or another enzyme preparation, all washed down with a decoction of rose hips. This will immediately kill three birds with one stone rather plump adsorbent (coal) will bring together over the first portion of alcohol, hips stimulates the production of bile, and the festal make life easier for the pancreas.

If you can, before the first drink you can drink a cup of strong tea with lemon, this will soften the first hit of alcohol on the body. Do not mix with each other spirituous beverages of various kinds and varieties, especially wines and cognacs. Even more furious effect is a combination of vodka. The fact is that each type of alcohol contains its specific additives that not only impart flavor and taste of the beverage, but also reduce the barrier properties of the gastric mucosa. Strong drink this "seasoning" to be absorbed faster and circulate in the blood will be longer.

Wash down spirits. Even the ancient Greeks diluted wine with water 10 times, allowing them to enjoy a drink without getting drunk at the same time to swinish state. No less important is the role of dense, cold cuts.

If you are taking medication, the instruction which contains the incompatibility of alcohol, find the strength to give up alcohol and limit juices and mineral water. The effect of the combination of some drugs with ethanol can be stunning in the truest sense of the word.

Move a little more, get up because of table — an ideal option in this case are the dances. Physical activity allows the food to move more quickly through the digestive tract, and the disposal of alcohol markedly accelerated.

What will be the feast, as we will feel during and after the festivities — depends entirely on ourselves. So — good for all of us the holidays. Without consequences.

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