First in 36 years chick crested ibis born in the wild in Japan

First in 36 years the birth in the wild chicks Japanese ibises, which are considered an endangered species, was by far the main theme in the land of the rising sun.

Red-or Japanese ibises — Nipponia Nippon — considered one of the most characteristic of the Japanese species of birds and a wide range in occupied territory. However, in the twentieth century, their numbers declined sharply and, as scientists believe, the last chick in the wild appeared in 1976, and since 1981, these birds in Japan remained. In 1999, Japanese scientists began work on artificial breeding ibises on the basis of the birds from China. Finally, when their number was considered sufficient for the first few pairs of ibises were released into the wild.

This was the subject solemn ceremony attended by Prince Akishino and his wife. However, during this time due to various reasons related to the difficulties of adaptation and conservation of birds in the wild, none of the pairs of ibises not acquired offspring.

On the eve of a video camera, mounted officers of the Ministry of the environment near the nest ibises, recorded a chick, leaning his head toward his parents in search of food. Presumably, the age of the chick is about one week, his height of about 20 centimeters. Four eggs were found in the nest of another 1 April, but a strong wind at the beginning of the month broke the camera mounted near the nest and made further observation impossible. Reactivate the camera so that it remains invisible to birds and startled them, have only recently.

The Ministry of Environment has announced that it intends to ustnovit near the nest another camera.

At City Hall Sado in Niigata Prefecture in the morning there was a slogan-sized building itself — "Born ibis chick." The shops and souvenir shops of the city have appeared souvenirs and sweets with the words "Happy Birthday, (Ibis) The second".

Subject newborn chick took the front pages of the morning newspapers and for a time became the main news of the morning news.

Environment Minister Goshi Hosono personally wished "baby" of health and growth.

"I'm really very happy! I was told that this year ibises demolished many eggs and the possibility of large chicks. This is the first in 36 years", — the minister said in an interview with broadcaster NHK.

As expected, 40 days after the birth of the chick should grow strong and fly out of the nest.

At present in the wild in Japan lives already 78 crested ibis.

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