First sign, then think

Organization of the Belarusian customs clearance for goods that are imported into the territory of the Customs Union "troika", an order of magnitude greater than the activities of their colleagues from Kazakhstan and Russia.

This was reported today vice-chairman State Customs Committee of Belarus Vasily Dementey. His statement he made at a meeting of the Commission for International Affairs and CIS Relations of the House of Representatives.

Especially concerned about the situation of the Belarusian customs officers in Russia. According Dementei, it is difficult to control the destiny of the goods, which, for example, was taken away from China via Russia in the Far East, and then taken to Belarus. Belarusian customs officer cited the following figures: according to Chinese statistics, Russia in Last year, taken of the goods by 6.6 billion. A cleared them all — on incomplete half a billion.

"At this situation, — said Mr. Dement — we have something to think about in terms of economic security. "


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