Fish-deprived sweet tooth with chocolate wafers

Sweet tooth-fish, which lives in the London Aquarium Sea Life, was transferred to the new diet. From the diet of the animal was removed chetyrehkilogrammovogo his favorite treat — chocolate wafers, says The Sun.

As described in the aquarium, the fish of the family makropodovyh (they guramievye or gourami) named Gary "registered" in the center of the aquatic life after refused it the previous owner. When Gary only lived in the aquarium staff, taking care of the fish, said that she refuses to normal for their species eat.

It turned out that Gary is a big fan of waffles in chocolate and eat them alone. To wean the fish of the habit, it began to feed the fruit, stuffed with small pieces of wafers. Later, the aquarium staff has ceased to put wafers in food for Gary, and now he eats a healthy diet, such as grapes and bananas.

Aquarium staff emphasized that love for Gary waffles in chocolate does not cause damage to his health, but advised the owners of aquarium fish designs the diet of their pets carefully and wisely.

Gourmet adults can grow up to 70 centimeters. They are found in the waters of Indochina, Borneo and Sumatra. The family has more than 90 species.

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