Flooding in the Kuban spoiled holiday vacationers Gelendzhik

Flooding in the Kuban spoiled holiday vacationers GelendzhikFlooding in the Kuban region continues to have its negative consequences. In addition to the damage caused to life and health, numerous injuries homes and public facilities, it has become an obstacle to the normal recreation.

Chief Medical Officer Gennady Onishchenko, Russia warned the rest of Gelendzhik, advised to refrain from swimming at the beaches. Although the city administration has lifted a ban on swimming and 16 of the 64 existing urban beaches Gelendzhik are still operating, Onishchenko skeptical. He urged citizens to conscious towards their health.

The situation is aggravated by the peculiarities of the location of the bay, the narrow entrance to which exacerbates the ecological situation, even in normal years. Showers significantly increase the amount of pollutants in the water because of the lack of clean stormwater.

Self-cleaning water is mainly due to the high content of active oxygen and water exchange with the sea. Now the environmental situation has escalated, unfortunately many tourists this seaside resort, vacation which is hopelessly flawed.

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