For Lukashenko or Russia?

What is the lesser evil — Lukashenko or Russia? Who can use the new situation that has emerged in connection with the information attack the Russian media on the Belarusian authorities? On these topics in the "examination of Freedom" are debating the head of the civil campaign "Our House" Olga Karach and columnist of the newspaper "Nasha Niva" Dmitry Pankovets.

Drakakhrust: Russian information attack on the Belarusian regime continues, after the second series of "The Godfather" on NTV last weekend by Lukashenko thundered major media "Hummingbird" — Channel One, RTR, Russia-24. This situation, according to some, creates a new political context in Belarus itself, a context that is different, and sometimes opposite attitude.

"As for me personally, the Luca far lesser evil than Russia"

The journalist Dmitry Pankovets to Facebook puts it: "It's disgusting to see how some" opposition "flirting and getting on their hind legs in front of Russia. As for me personally, that Luke incomparably lesser evil than Russia."

Dmitry, and why? Do you like authoritarianism?

Dmitry Pankovets

Pankovets: No, I do not like authoritarianism. By the way, the actions of the opposition to understand easier. Over the past 16 years, the rule of Lukashenko people raznyaverylisya in victory. West for many years could not change the current regime here — now people are hoping for Russia, she can do it. About the same thought of the Polish-Belarusian know in the XVIII century, and how it ended — is well known. The loss of independence.

Russia's state machine acts against Belarus as well as in Kyrgyzstan

Russia's attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of the countries of the CIS, we are seeing not only in Belarus, the same as we have recently witnessed in Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, and the most recent example — Kyrgyzstan. Russia's state machine acts against Belarus as well as in Kyrgyzstan — the freezing of economic support, propaganda in the media, television channels broadcast in Kyrgyzstan. And this was done not for the sake of human rights. The purpose — to ease the country to destabilize it.

Drakakhrust: Olga, and you are in the current conflict between Lukashenka and Russia on whose side?

Karachi I'm on the side of the Belarusian people. And, in my opinion, the people of Belarus is very advantageous that makes Russia. And so I support Russia.

Belarusian people is very advantageous that makes Russia. And so I support Russia

What awaits us when Lukashenka? Nothing good. And everyone knows what will happen next. It will only get worse, will increase repression, and we will not have any tools to influence. What awaits us in a situation where Russia begins to "wet" Lukashenko? The situation is uncertain, is the "dark water." If the choice is between "no" and "maybe", I choose "maybe."

As part of the independent Belarusian society, which now says support for Lukashenko, has developed "Helsinki Syndrome" where the victim begins to love his executioner and is afraid that the situation will change.

Olga Karach

How can we talk about support Lukashenko, was murdered Veronika Cherkasova, had disappeared and, most likely, was killed Zavadsky when closed so many newspapers. How can you say that it is — "the lesser evil"? And when will be the largest — if not killed 2 and 50 journalists?

I understand that the situation is ambiguous, not to say that someone — Lukashenko or Russia — white and fluffy. Here the choice between the worst and middle evil.

I do not see any particular new things that would bring the movie "The Godfather"

Pankovets: As for journalists, it is well known fact that Russia ranks third in the world in the number of journalists killed. What is there to say then?

Such provisions yaktsyaper, we have not seen in the relationship between Belarus and Russia has never. And it can reach the point of no return in relations between the countries. And after that point in Lukashenko has no other choice but to willingly or unwillingly drift towards the West. And for the West media freedom, the absence of political prisoners remain in charge. And Russia does not raise these issues and raise most likely will not.

I do not see any particular new things that would bring the movie "The Godfather." All the same we have seen in the movie "The Wild Hunt" on Zavadsky that ORT revealed before the election in 2001. There were all the same facts, and at the same time Russian TV retranslyavalisya on Belarus. But then, this tape has not given any results. Why do you think that now would be any different?

Lukashenko to learn the lessons of Bakiyev. And in the near future in Belarus can be overridden by all Russian TV channels.

Karachi In my view, the response to "The Godfather" in Belarus it was still quite significant. This tape showed when it had to be shown. I do not even know where she is more concerned reaction caused — in Belarus or Russia. People began to talk about it and it's very good, it's a very positive thing that we gave Russia. Russia, of course, not a fighter for the Belarusian democracy. But who said that Russia and America should not bother Belarusian problems?

I do not believe that Russia can hold on to power here, even if the situation is to change, and even if it comes a pro-Russian candidate, in what I honestly do not believe it.

Experience with the same Lukashenko has shown that Moscow is now short-handed. And for us, Belarusians, any silent system is now well and not so important who starts the system to rock — Russia, the United States, the European Union or Honduras. Any changes today — it was good. When do the changes, it all depends on Belarusians — as far as they will be active, as will carry out their ideas and strategies for how policy can explain to the people what they want. Russian here — not God.

And for us, Belarusians, any silent system is now well and not so important who starts the system to rock.

Pankovets: Maybe it's some kind of my own fear, but before the eyes are pictures from Kyrgyzstan, where Russia has acted under the same scenario, in which the acts now in Belarus. What is over — we are well seen: dozens killed, the destabilization of the situation in the country.

Drakakhrust: So you prefer the stability is going on?

Pankovets: In this situation — yes. It is important to not just change the power, one of the most important steps — is the preservation of political and economic stability in the transition from authoritarianism to democracy.



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