For the pillows — Detention

Evening of July 15 aadyhody to the National Library in Minsk controlled by people in mufti. They arrested those who turned out with a pillow, and led into police buses. Total detained about 70 people from those who would like to participate in the "Battle of pillows," dedicated to the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald and not permitted by the city authorities.

Maxim Mahnach rode near the National Library on the bike, with a pillow in his backpack. "Pillow — a necessary thing in order to sleep," — he said police.

Also, police check the documents of the journalists.

Parents as they arrived some of the detainees, talked to the children through the window glass, but were unable to free them.

The third bus was not enough room for all the detainees. "Extra" was taken to the reservoir and said go. When everyone had gone, or were arrested, The first bus back empty.

Also, passengers with pillows are not allowed out of the subway.

Warriors had divide into tevtontskiya and Lithuanian troops, ON, of course, would have won. But the battle thwarted.

Andrew Kim, a member of the previous fights pillows, took the remains willing to fight pillows in the field near the metro station "Vostok". The fight occurred. Kim was detained after.



This was a fighter for the independence of ON had to go to the First Department of Internal Affairs.

Amateur fights pillows police filled three of these three buses.

Policemen in plain clothes will not let young people to the library.

This activist was forced to fight on the side teutontsav.

The area near the National Library was empty, but just in case the police were holding another bus.


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