Foreigners in Belarus have more rights

From today, the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On Legal Status of Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons in the Republic of Belarus." It has significant change relates to the preparation of Belarusian citizenship, renunciation of citizenship of minors.

In Belarus, lives and is registered more than 130,000 foreign citizens. 62% of them — the Russians, 31% — Ukrainians.

According to the new law extended period of stay of a foreigner in Belarus, during which he must register. The Acting Head of the Department of Citizenship and Migration Ministry of Internal Affairs Nicholas Szewczyk explains:

Nicholas Szewczyk

"If earlier the foreigner had register in the Republic of Belarus for three days, now — for 5 days, excluding weekends and holidays. "

In order to attract foreign tourists simplified the procedure of registration. When foreigners are traveling all over Belarus, they are allowed to register once on the location of travel, foreigners are allowed to register in farmsteads, sanatoria, rest homes.

Under the new law, Belarus will not give citizenship to foreigners who have been convicted of any crime in its territory. Are not eligible for the Belarusian nationality of the person who committed three or more administrative offenses.

There are also changes related to the output of Belarusian citizenship, says the Deputy Head of the Department of Citizenship and Migration Ministry of Internal Affairs Valery Shuntov:

Valery Shuntov

"If before a minor child could get out of citizenship only if the simultaneous loss of the citizenship of the Republic of Belarus parents or one parent, but now it has the right to unconditionally release the parents of Belarusian citizenship. Other words, the parents can apply for the citizenship of the child while remaining themselves citizens of Belarus. "

With regard to the rights of foreigners in Belarus, Lieutenant Colonel Nicholas Szewczyk highlights:

"The Republic of Belarus, foreign nationals who are permanent residents have the same rights as citizens of the Republic of Belarus."

Previously, foreigners complained in Belarus violated their right to hotels and museums — the prices for Belarusians and foreigners were different, much more expensive for foreigners. Now such cases — a rarity, except in the district centers. I called the hotel "Shults" that the city Nyasvizh:

Reporter: "Prices in the hotel for Belarusians and foreigners the same?"

"The prices are the same. But of foreigners, unless the citizens of Russia will be charged the fee 4200 rubles."

Reporter: "And for what?"

"Local collection from foreign citizens."

With regard to violations by foreigners Belarusian law, Nicholas Szewczyk cited the following statistics:

"Drawn to the administrative responsibility for the first half of 7314 foreigners. 27% — the citizens of Ukraine. Next are Russian citizens. Deported 581 foreign national. Among them under guard — 230. According to crime statistics, of all the crimes that are being investigated, only 1.5% committed by foreign nationals — 1181 crimes. Again, this is mainly Russians and Ukrainians. "

Under the new law, now formed a database of aliens who will be temporarily restricted to leave Belarus. In the travel ban will be those who judge, has a financial debt to the state, child support dodgers — these conditions are the same as in the travel ban citizens of Belarus.

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