Found a giant coffin of thousands of years




Boris Alekseyev

Archaeologists in Greece have discovered a huge stone sarcophagi. As reported in last Thursday Macedonian News Agency, a fossil was found during the excavations of Corinth archaeologist Guy Sanders.

The sarcophagi are impressive for its size, one machine of stone weighs about 3.3 tons, the other pulled a 1.8 tonne. According to other reports, one sarcophagus, and weighs a ton more than its cover. However, this is not so important. What is more important: the people of Greece at the turn of X-IX centuries BC able to move and handle large stone slabs (find dates from 900 BC). This period is called the early Geometric period, as from that era have survived mainly household utensils — pots, decorated with characteristic lines and patterns of lines and dots, angles and zigzags. But no one until now had no idea that the Greeks of that time were capable of such large-scale projects.

Immediately at least remember the Egyptians with their pyramids — and understand that, in principle, a person at the time — a thousand, two thousand years BC — Loved to cope with the huge blocks of stone without the slightest help dump trucks and cranes.

Excavation director Guy Sanders of the American School of Classical Studies points out that, in order to gently lowered into the grave huge huge sarcophagi, the Greeks just had some kind of mechanical device. 40, 50 or more people on one rope — this is clearly not enough. In addition, limestone — and it is from this material are made sarcophagi — is fragile stuff to throw him into a pit without holding.

It is quite possible that the discovery of Guy Sanders suggests that the ancient, as now would say "default" knew how to handle a gigantic boulders, and create something with a granite pebble weighing a ton and a half of them did not have a problem.

Now let us remember Baalbek, ancient steel columns and other Atlantis … Not occur if the general knowledge and skills of the ancient people from the same source? And if they are not part of one of something? One nation, sunk without trace into oblivion …


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