Fragments of the meteorite can be spread on 100 sq. km

Fragments fell into the area of Chelyabinsk cosmic body can be spread over an area of 100 square kilometers, said committee member RAS on meteorites, an employee of the Ural Federal University Viktor Grokhovsky

For a full examination of the area could take years, said RIA Novosti.

"There can be few places falling debris (other than Lake Chebarkul). We do not know the search area, the extreme points, but it can be up to 100 square kilometers, "- said Grokhovsky, adding that while it is impossible to estimate the mass of the cosmic body, which has reached the ground.

According to him, Ellipse scattering debris up to 70 kilometers in length and have 30 kilometers across. "We examined — is many years," — he said.

In this Grokhovsky recalled that in the hands of scientists got so far, only 53 small millimeter-sized fragments. "I think that they pilfered the pockets much more. There goes uncontrolled collection agents. Earlier in the event of discovery of the meteorite scientists always reported, and now scientists did not inform anybody, "- he complained.

Recall, February 15, over the Urals was meteor rain, affecting primarily the Chelyabinsk region. Almost immediately after the fall of the meteorite on popular sites and free ads Avito Slando began appearing offers to sell his pieces. Stated prices — from one to 100 thousand rubles. Some ads separately indicated that the fragments were found on the territory of the Chelyabinsk zinc plant, whose building was damaged by a meteorite.

Power of the blast, which occurred after the entry of the meteorite in the atmosphere was estimated at NASA, 470 kilotons. According to NASA, the diameter of the meteorite was about 17 meters, and weight — about 10 tons. Meteorite entered the Earth's atmosphere at a speed of not less than 64 thousand miles per hour and exploded at a height of 19 to 24 kilometers.

The blast that followed the entry of the meteorite in the atmosphere, in the Chelyabinsk region was shattered windows in several thousand houses. From the destruction caused by the blast, suffered more than 1.5 thousand people (most of them injured by shrapnel), 50 of them were hospitalized. Material damage caused by a meteorite impact is estimated at one billion rubles.

On February 18, the meteorite fragments were found in the Lake Chebarkul.

In Chelyabinsk native organizes tours to the site of a meteorite — a tour will cost 5 thousand rubles, and the price is the same for Russians and foreigners, the agency news "Access".

In the excursion to the site of a meteorite, tourists can see the still not fully frozen Lake Chebarkul wormwood, and walk around the neighborhood, hoping to find the fragments of cosmic matter. In addition, the guide is ready to show guests the destruction wrought by the acoustic wave Chebarkul.


"I have been led to the site of a meteorite NTV Group. Our vehicle is designed for a small team — up to four people. I am a translator by profession, so happy to show tourists a new landmark of the Southern Urals, "- said Ilya Semenov Guide.

He added that every day he calls a lot of wanting to go to a place that has become history. Especially lake Chebarkul interested Americans.

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