France adopted a variant of laser-guided AASM

France adopted a variant of laser-guided AASM
Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) French Defense Ministry on April 3 adopted a modular version of the aviation ordnance AASM (Armement air-sol modulaire) laser-guided. This qualification opens the way to use the new tools with Rafale fighters the Air Force and the French Navy. Earliest version of the AASM with GPS / inertial and infrared-guided used in operations Harmattan (Libya) and Serval (Mali).

Laser-guided AASM created for far («stand off») defeat precision mobile land and sea targets. Targeting can be accomplished half container Damocles fighter «Rafale» or advanced ground gunner. Qualification tests conducted in December 2012 at the DGA missile test site in Biscarosse, showed the ability of the laser to hit moving targets ASSM.

Developed by Sagem AASM modular munition consists of a set of guidance and aerodynamic surfaces for installation on ordinary bombs. Guided munitions can be used at a ragged, out of an act of enemy air defenses, the distance from the target (50 km) in all weathers, funny day and NIGHT MODE. DGA ordered 380 sets of laser-guided AASM.

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