Fresh tomatoes — new drugs

Geneticists have been able to change tomato, getting a versatile product that cleans blood vessels and supporting heart in working order.

As the, mice that were fed dried tomato, added to fatty foods, rarely faced with a narrowing of the arteries.

Also recorded growth figures "good cholesterol" — high-density lipoprotein. But the markers of inflammation, by contrast, fell. The modified tomatoes produced small molecule peptide that mimics the action on the major protein of high density lipoprotein — ApoA-1.

Moreover, the mice themselves too genetically modified so that they cause inflammation and atherosclerosis (accumulation of fat deposits in the arteries). The head of research Alan Fogelman University of California emphasizes peptide ApoA-1 is now much easier to deliver to the body. Plus, it has high efficiency.

This is the first time that scientists have been able to get a plant product that has properties medicines, with an element that does not require isolation or purification and able to remain active, passing the gastro-intestinal tract.



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