From the line of fire a nuclear laboratory in Los Alamos is 15 meters

June 29, 2011. The situation in the state of New Mexico, where a large fire threatened the town of Los Alamos, continues to worsen, Vesti

Fire burns on 25 thousand hectares of National Forest Park in Santa Fe, which surrounds three sides of Los Alamos and the special objects of the Ministry of Energy, a research in the nuclear field. The flames crept to the laboratory complex at a distance of 15 meters.

"Around the lab all the lights. From the border of the fire road separates us "- said the head of the fire protection service of the Los Alamos Douglas Tucker. He believes that the area of the disaster could increase by 2-3 times.

Fighting fire, which is spreading rapidly in the heat and strong winds, while ineffective. Involved in putting up one thousand firefighters and several helicopters equipped with system of water release. Authorities are trying to mobilize additional forces as soon as possible.

"We gave up on fighting the fire all that is available," — he stressed the U.S. Congress from New Mexico, Tom Udall.

It is learned that the flames raging in the 6 km from surface storage of waste with low levels of radioactivity. We are talking about the contents of a few tens of thousands of steel drums 242 liters capacity each, protected from the sun only tarps. Laboratory representatives postponed indefinitely transportation of such goods in underground storage in the south of the state.

Ground vault is located on a plot of land with no vegetation, so fire barrels excluded. "They are safer to stay where they are," — said Tucker. According to the organization "Nyuklier Watch New Mexico," in an underground bunker of concrete at the center of the laboratory complex, for at least 3 tons of weapons-grade plutonium. Sensitive sites guide assures that the storage is well protected from fire any force.

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