From the Sun on the Earth depends on everything

In August the first inclusion of the scientific complex "Plasma-F", which is part of the space observatory "Spektr-R". Since the data from the instruments are sent to Earth continuously. Scientists have documented a number of interesting phenomena. 

Experiment "Plasma-F" is devoted to the solar-terrestrial relations. Everything depends on the Sun on the Earth: the weather and the climate, and the biosphere, and even human health. We are studying the flow of energetic particles and the solar wind — a stream of plasma, flying from the Sun in all directions at a speed of about 400 km / h While we do not always understand why sometimes, when the sun are great disturbances on Earth noticeable effects we do not see, and sometimes flash is not very big, but in the world strong magnetic storm.

To explore this and many other issues on the satellite "Spektr-R" we set three small device, one studies the flows of plasma, and the second — streams of energetic particles, and one remembers and stores all the information. In fact, such devices have been used in our project "Interball" in 1995-2000. But now we had a technical skate: new devices have very high time resolution. This means that the data will be more and they will be better quality. For example, only with these instruments, we can study the fluctuations in the plasma at frequencies up to 30 Hz. This is a very little studied area of our science! In addition, we have already managed to register some strong increases in plasma flows after solar flares in the early and mid-August. Such flows cause magnetic storms that affect many aspects of our lives — for example, radio blackouts in the polar regions, and even disabling the terrestrial and space applications. This effect is now called "space weather."

George Zastenker, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Head of the plasma spectrometer BMSV (fast solar wind monitor) in the experiment "Plasma-F"

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