Future Weapons

Future Weapons
Eminent scientist majestic phrase came at a time when progress in the field of weapons has become a prerequisite for concern for the fate of the entire planet. Means of liquidation, as human eagerness to apply them could lead to the most terrible consequences. But over time formed the doctrine of nuclear deterrence, and people finally realized that thin and shaky world a better place at least some of the war. Great reward for this belongs to nuclear weapons — two explosions over Japan eventually led to the fact that in the last sixty years with excessive there was no war between the big and strong countries. At the same time, no one has stopped the development of weapons. By the time the true military around the world have views on such technology, that’s amazing. Among them, there are noteworthy ideas on improving existing weapons, and there are entirely new. Consider the likely prospects for the development and improvement of existing species.

Please talk about nuclear weapons. Atomic and thermonuclear warheads are the most massive destruction of the means available to the population. With all of this in recent years shows no breakthroughs in relation to its capacity. Constantly reports of the development of new means of delivery, providing a clearer warhead hit the target. But at the moment the vast majority of nuclear power warheads that are on duty, lies in the range from 100 kilotons to 10 megatons. Huge value, as it turns out, are superfluous for most tasks well, not every delivery vehicle «pull» the bomb in 20 MT or more. Unlikely in the near future there will be something, which is why nuclear powers become a matter of urgency to increase the power of their own weapons.

Nuclear weapon delivery systems requests. This missiles and aircraft. In relation to the first increase in efficiency worth the wait engines and fuel systems, which would entail acceleration and range or, alternatively, the greatest load. Ballistic missiles coming — from tactical to strategic — will be equipped with more sophisticated guidance systems. Due to this difference will decrease characteristics of goals that will allow them to arm a warhead smallest power. Among other, it would be useful for «surgical» operations to defeat the purposes of remote small size. Such metamorphoses occur and cruise missiles. The fact that the ballistic and cruise missiles, as a whole, have reached the level of development, when major changes and upgrades can be done only with equipment, propulsion, etc.

Specifically, the development of rocket engines and electronics is one problem that directly affects the creation of a missile defense at least some level. Currently, the United States and Russia are the rocket started to intercept ballistic targets outside the earth’s atmosphere. Coupled with the development of the means of delivery of nuclear and conventional weapons systems should be improved and their interception. Not so long ago, the United States came news of completion of work on the latest modification of trans-atmospheric SM-3 missile. Argues that increased maximum height of defeats the purpose, as the pointing accuracy. With all of this it should be noted that the South American strategic missile defense missile destroys the target by direct contact with her. Ie already at the present level of technology development can be done quite perfect guidance system. Later guidance system will improve the reliability of upward growth probability of intercept and defeat ballistic missile target one.

Likewise will develop anti-missile system. Hardly lately there will be new methods of target detection and tracking their missiles. Infrared radar (active, semi-active and passive), radio command, etc. guidance systems have already proven themselves and are constantly improving. SAM because the coming of the future will have more advanced electronics, responsible for the collection and processing of information. In addition, the example of Russian developments such as the C-400 or C-500 future can come to a conclusion about the unification of the functions: the same facilities will be capable of producing objects of protection against all types of threats from the upper hemisphere — aerodynamic and ballistic.

Improving air defense systems is the main danger for various aircraft. As in other areas of arms and military equipment, aircraft will be collected within himself all the credit for electronics. With all this «iron» part of aviation is not a bit lost in its relevance. For decades, aircraft manufacturers around the world are working to decrease the visibility of their own development. Available called stealth technology can not be called completely successful, and full of hopelessness they do not condemn. Specifically, lowering visibility in the radar spectrum can be the cornerstone of future development of the form of aircraft of all types. More fundamental is the creation of new power plants. For example, in the midst of the requirements for the fighter to the fifth generation of the number of possible flight at supersonic speeds without using afterburners. Needless to say, this requires new engines capable under applicable fuel consumption issue pretty huge thrust.

Itself for itself aviation instrument is not. Like it or not, but the planes or helicopters — a platform for weapons. Aviation system barreled guns already have gained the highest level and is unlikely to go on. Caliber of 30 mm and rate of more than a thousand and a half rounds per minute is quite enough for the vast majority of applications. But the missile and bomb armament will be one of the representatives of the avant-garde weapons. Already at this point it is possible to provide the highest accuracy for aircraft weapons. Over time, this feature will be manifested in all the greater and greater degree. It should be noted that in the case of managed bombs extraordinary popularity on a global scale can acquire South American experience gained in the development of complex JDAM. Several units of the equipment this kit allow you to quickly and easily make svobodnopadayuschie controlled bomb. Also cheaper production of ammunition and ease of use it also affects the ease of upgrade. Modular architecture of the current system JDAM theoretically allows you to simply change the composition of guidance equipment. With regard to air missiles — air-to-air and air-to-ground — that in this area we can expect in today’s planned development direction: faster, more precisely and more.

Improving aviation systems for the destruction of enemy armor drags need to improve themselves and tanks, armored personnel carriers, etc. Currently, more close to reality by upgrading armor seen the creation of modular machines with uninhabited combat compartment. This concept can satisfy two desires outright military: the greatest possibility of unification of various armored vehicles, as the reduction of risk to the crew. If all crew members are on the same comparable small volume, they can cover a huge amount of armor or protect other ways. For example, in a number of promising projects such tanks supposed to build front-engine — power plant does the crew additional protection against attacks ahead. Armament the coming future, likely to remain the same as at present. Smoothbore tank guns up to 125 mm caliber proven themselves and do not give any reasons for rejecting them. Is that expand the range of ammunition, first driven. Russian gunsmiths pretty long made anti-tank missiles, which can be run through the barrel of a tank gun. In addition, in almost all developed countries guided missiles.

Practically speaking, the creation of new guided munitions remains one of the main ways of development tools in the near future. Not bypass «cup» and artillery. In this kind of puzzles forces include not only the massive strikes on the huge area. Sometimes you need to provide a small object destruction, surrounded by anything. In the absence of other capacity elimination targets may be assigned to the gunners. This task forces by Russian shells family «Krasnopol» or South American Copperhead and Excalibur. Other artillery weapons while improving or are unclear or unreasonable. The fact that the cannon artillery is currently at the peak of its development and improvement of the upcoming combat performance will entail a number of different problems, not all of which can be solved. Thus, an increase in the firing range by increasing the caliber of the projectile and the weight of gunpowder necessarily lead to a decrease in accuracy. Accordingly, to maintain this parameter you want to use guided missiles. If you use the «smart» blanks, then exacerbated the financial component of fire — such ammo more expensive everyday unmanaged.

With similar problem faced creators MRLS. Technology allows a missile with long range. But at a certain distance from the launcher shells expansion indecent perceived value. Yield was obvious: to equip missiles course corrections system. She really can significantly increase the effective range and accuracy of fire. However, there are two logical question: what is a MLRS will differ from tactical missile systems and what to duplicate this kind of technology? Because the Russian system «Smerch» range over 70 km is achieved with a relatively conventional inertial system, which comes in charge stabilization of the projectile in flight. Specific adjustments to hit the line of motion at a given point is not provided. Because of this balance is preserved between the price of the projectile, its range and accuracy. It seems that the Rockets continue to volley fire systems will not have a complicated design.

Naval forces of the world’s leading states currently have some similar features. Base navies make pretty big ships of traditional build. Due to the nature itself of the construction, due to the smooth surface of the seas and oceans ships are easily obtained by standard methods — using radar. The only thing that helps ships from detection is actually possible to find at least some point in the oceans. This is in some measure complicates the work, such as anti-submarine aircraft. The only way out of the impasse may be processing the form of modern warship. Thus, under construction at the moment South American projects LCS ships and Zumwalt created taking into account the difficulty of detection by radars. According to available disk imaging, such ships «licked» the hull and superstructure are also created in Russia and other countries.

The problem of security and stealth worth the creators submarines. In this area was made very many and no less to be done. Search engines do not stand still, that spurred the development of submarines. Lowering the noise submarines achieved by several methods: self-noise reduction units boats, insulation equipment from soundconducting structural parts, etc. In the upcoming appear more effective methods. With regard to diesel-electric submarines (SSK) is a fundamental problem not only the noise, and the duration of diving. Already at this time the leading countries of the world began to shift to airindependent energy systems for diesel-electric submarines. Thanks to these new submarine power installations in distance running submerged fail in a couple of times overshadow available. As for weapons for submarines, anti-ship and then for their strategic missiles will be developed in accordance with the above trends.

Aviation, tanks, artillery and navy, of course, are important stakeholders in modern warfare. But as before the main element is at least some army infantry. Technical equipment of the «queen of the fields» as pereterpit configuration. First, they affect small arms. In recent years the trend to equip infantry huge amount of electronics. This communication devices, navigation equipment, and sighting devices. Moreover, in some countries at the moment are equipment systems for fighter who combined within himself all these instruments and apparatus. So Makar, in the 1-plex will be gathered all the necessary things for a fighter from the guns and communications equipment to uniforms and kits.

Armed Forces of the leading states currently engaged in the creation of unified communications and control systems. These tools will simplify the work of signalers also increase the effectiveness of interaction between different branches of service units. In the long term expected to occur embedded control systems, automatically distributed among the participants of the available information. At the same time the commander of any company or platoon will receive your equipment specifically the data that are needed to accomplish his tasks. Likewise, information to be distributed to other levels.

Current trends in the development of weapons and military equipment is likely to continue in the not to distant future. To configure such cases progress will need to create any radically new weapons systems. Maybe they will rail gun or combat lasers. But a similar «revolution» will not happen tomorrow or even the day after tomorrow. The fact that the first actually applicable rail gun will be installed on the ship for the trials earlier in 2018. As for lasers, they will be fighting vsepolnotsennym means even later.

Created by Kirill Ryabov

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