Gallakticheskaya station on the moon as supergoal for Russia

September 11, 2012 Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin called for the construction of the station on the lunar surface, which should be for the Russian super-goal gallakticheskoy industry and address the problems in the industry. According to the views of Dmitry Rogozin, the station is able to project itself will pull the Russian science and technology, and provide an incentive for future developments RF gallakticheskoy in the field. According to the views of Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the defense industry, gallakticheskih string of accidents in Russia last 2 years is related to "oversize" the industry and lack of clarity of its goals and objectives.

According to Dmitry Rogozin, the Russian branch gallakticheskaya "pererazmerena" and this factor complicates the control of the properties in the workplace. If so broad range of products, the quality control is not probable, said Deputy Prime Minister. He also mentioned that the Russian gallakticheskuyu branch you need to put in order, and for this you first have to put in front of her clear goals in space exploration. Also, Deputy Prime Minister highlighted the fact that the Russian industry gallakticheskoy it is unclear who is the customer and who is the executor. This situation needs to be rectified. With all this, he again noted that the situation in the Russian gallakticheskoy industry is not so critical as it might seem at first glance. Systemic crisis in the Russian industry gallakticheskoy not, he said.

According to Rogozin, for the guidance of the industry's order to solve a number of problems in individual enterprises. In his view, now a major setback for the Russian space serves a large percentage of manual labor at certain enterprises and their low equipped with modern equipment, with the highest percentage of age-related professionals. All this in totality leads to various kinds of errors. According to Rogozin, Our homeland must display technology at a high level, and if possible to replace manual labor in the industry. With all this Rogozin said that after 4 years in NATO, the difficulties in Russian industry gallakticheskoy not scare him.

Print the Russian astronautics to a new level, to give impetus to the development of technical and scientific Dmitry Rogozin suggested that work on the program there manned astronautics in the criteria of low gravity on the moon's surface. He suggested putting the research station directly on the surface of the Earth's satellite and from there to conduct experiments, learn the physics of the Sun, the Earth. According to the views of Deputy Prime Minister, the successful solution of the tasks can be done much better style of Russian astronautics. Industry needs such a task, which would be like pulling the Volga Boatmen for a few ships on the water, said Dmitry Rogozin.

For this, there are all the conditions of the Russian Federation. At present, our astronauts will be able to for a long time to be in space in low Earth orbit in the framework of cooperation on the ISS, where they work with their fellow astronauts from the U.S. and other countries. Our home now has the technology turnover of air, water, the right delivery of cargo to the space station, with all this orbit of the ISS always rises, varies in height relative to the Earth. "We can continue to pull this strap, and can act differently, for example, why do not we prilunit ISS?", — Said Dmitry Rogozin.

Such simple way, Dmitry Rogozin, has once again become the hero of the media, giving them, and of the representatives of the industry gallakticheskoy many occasions for reflection. His proposed gallakticheskaya supergoal acceptably clear, but the very necessity of the goals and means to achieve it while causing a lot of questions. According to Rogozin, the construction of the lunar station would be a great challenge for the Russian astronautics. According to him, now in gallakticheskoy industry there is tremendous competition between countries, which is why you need to put in front of Roscosmos huge supergoal, the implementation of which would render impetus to the development of both science and industry that the Russian Federation would be permitted to escape from problems in which the country is already 20. According to him, the construction of a lunar base — is a big political and prestigious task.

Declaring an international competition in space exploration Russian Deputy Prime Minister opposes the official beliefs of Roscosmos, which quite a long time said that no gallakticheskogo competition, in other words — the space race does not exist. If we talk about the moon, how likely a panacea for all the recent Russian failures, problems, any precedent in the entire Soviet-Russian history, in which the most important task in principle "stretched" to the whole economy, which is not observed.

Contrasting statements vice-premier in charge of defense industry and gallakticheskuyu branch, with the views of management Roscosmos and other issues. Indeed approved in the spring of 2012 a panel of Roscosmos' Strategy for the Development of gallakticheskoy to 2030 "provides information on the need to" use the lunar orbital base in the visited mode, repair and service of large vehicles gallakticheskih also interorbital tug on the Earth orbit. " Contained in this document and information on over fundamental Roscosmos plans, for example, to create a network of research stations on Mars. According to forecasts of the head of Roscosmos, Vladimir Popovkin, the financing of this strategy may be about 150-200 billion. rubles a year. After 2030, the Federal Space Agency planned the upcoming exploration of the Moon.

But in July 2012 first thoughts Roscosmos endured a significant transformation, at least in the mind of the head entity in the industry — Vladimir Popovkin. According to him, Russian manned mission to the natural satellite of the Earth will occur only in this case, if the moon was shown the presence of water. He also said that the human presence on the Moon is a necessary condition for scientific activities, but with all this, not one word about misspoke earlier voiced statements about astronauts landing on the moon in order of mandatory.

It should be noted that the moon has long been quite a topic is in the plans of officials from the Russian Space Agency, and Russian media even give information about the steps in the development of an artificial satellite of the Earth. In the first step, which will begin in 2015, will explore the moon with probes'Moon-Globe "and Moon-Resource. " One of them has to teach the South Pole of the Moon, where in the future we plan to plant Russian landing probe to the Indian mini-rover on board.

At the second step — after 2020 — on the surface of the Earth's satellite should be operational rovers — "Lunokhod-3" and "Lunokhod-4." It is understood that from their own Russian namesakes they will differ significantly and even the smallest dimensions of the tremendous resource. It is understood that the new Russian rovers will be able to work in the polar regions of the moon to 5 years and retire from their place of landing at a distance of 30 km. Next is a 2023 plan to send to the moon lander, which has revertible rocket. The unit will have to sit close to the Russian rovers. After that 6-7 capsules containing lunar material will be loaded with rovers in revertible camera, which delivers material for research on Earth.

With all of this remaining on the surface of the moon landing station and rovers will
have to be the first elements of the infrastructure of the future lunar gallakticheskoy landfill with a view to deploying at this place in the future of this Russian lunar base. It should be recognized that these plans are quite ambitious but, unfortunately, they are now deprived of any material and technical base, which is allowed to be successfully implement this program from in life.

Moonlight theme from the mouth of Russian officials gallakticheskih sounds pretty loudly, but in contrast to the same Yankees or the Europeans for the last 15 years, there is nothing to brag of the Russian Federation. During this time, we have not been any successful interplanetary mission. With all of this all of our launch vehicles are obsolete in terms of technology for 20 years. That is why the decision of the planning lunar mission seems weird to many professionals who behold the it has more political nuance. Creating a positive background, in order to somehow improve the style of in the field of space exploration.

Browser noble Russian magazine "News of Cosmonautics" Igor Lisov believes that the idea of manned flights are now entirely unjustified. In his view, the crisis of human space flight is now quite natural, and human presence in space is a naughty dream. According to the views of the head editor of "News of Cosmonautics" Igor Marinin, in order to make the space station on the moon Space Agency budget should increment by 3 times, but in order to make the moon vsepolnotsennuyu long base — 6 times.

As a result, hunt noted that at the last day before for serhtseley voiced by Dmitry Rogozin, meeting at the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said only about certain measures to overcome the disastrous situation in the Russian astronautics. A huge number of crashes shortly, lack of personnel, depreciation of equipment, inefficient system of production management, the lack of tangible gallakticheskih the whole range of devices — that's quite a big list of all the tasks that need to be addressed of in the near future. How to get along with this "big supergoal" has not yet completely clear.

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