Gallakticheskoe future of Russia

In connection with the development of new programs when necessary gallakticheskogo place, which is scheduled for the last time, the Government of the Russian Federation, to the members of the Federation Council, Anatoly Perminov. Head Roscosmos informed about the current state of the industry and its prospects in the current decade.

In his own speech, Perminov criticized not only the money the Ministry of the Russian Federation, and the head of its sovereign Kudrin. Governors of the Federal Space Agency of the Ministry of Finance on the issue said the subsequent "Today we conquer markets only through its own technology in the field of space exploration, the policy, which holds the Finance Ministry does not allow us to fully do projects zabugornyh to conquer new markets. We need to be equated to China. In this country, put a definite problem: over 5 years to occupy all of the markets in Asia and South America, while investing in these promising markets on the basis of the cash component, Beijing tasked, even in spite of trivial harm the state's economy. In the conquest of markets, the main factor of victory — a financial component. We are now cooperating with Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Cuba. In these countries, we will create gallakticheskie devices. "

According to Perminov, Our homeland is equally languid move away from the use of carrier rockets "Proton", who work for a toxic fuel. But this will only happen in this case, if the new "Angara" LV is successful flight tests. In the "Angara" LV applies environmentally unsullied fuel. His first start is scheduled for 2013.

According to the head of Roscosmos, leading gallakticheskie powers previously has not found a component that could provide the same thrust as the fuel that runs the "Proton". "All over the world as a fuel rockets used in the languid demetilgidrazin, as its various options, TG-02. The other component is no compromise. The whole world continues to exploit these languid rocket. If you turn away from the rocket "Proton", we get a complete stop launching vehicles and military dual-purpose, and commercial launches will be reduced by 50 percent ", — said Anatoly Perminov.

In its own report to the Russian Anatoly Perminov senators raised and about the prospects for the development and testing of a new Russian gallakticheskogo ship "Rus". Specifically, he pointed to the subsequent: "It would take more than fifteen trouble-free test runs in an unmanned mode. After a thorough analysis of the decision will be made to send the crew. " To conduct unmanned test flights can take more than 2-years. First launch of "Russia" from the Baikonur East will be implemented in 2015, and start with the crew — in 2018. Managing Space Agency of the Russian Federation also said that the launch site after the completion of the East will be operated for a certain time, along with the current Baikonur and Plesetsk.

Anatoly Perminov sure that the expedition to Mars will be a reality in a quarter century. "Of course, you need to prepare for the flight. This process is long and gradual. But we still do not fly on anything. This is nonsense — a flight to Mars on the gallakticheskih ships and engines that operate with us today, "- said Head of Russian Federal Space Agency. "We are talking about what we need to build a new ship with a completely modified nuclear-megawatt-class power and only then is it possible to fly to Mars. With the introduction of new engines flight will take about a month, but it's really only after 2035. All of these empty and absurd debate — I agree on the type of flying one way, just let me go to Mars — just nonsense. What is the conclusion for the science to be from that flight? Of course, that is no, "- said the managing Roscosmos.

United States turned to the Russian Federation with a request for new supplies of Russian rocket engines for the U.S. industry, said Anatoly Perminov, and also added, "Now, they have offered to buy another type of rocket engine." Namely, the head of the Russian Federal Space Agency said that the United States has already delivered one of the engines RD-180, which done in Russia and is used in rockets "Atlas".

The Federation Council of the Russian Federation also made the deputy head of Roscosmos Vitaly Davydov, which told the senators on the results of the tests of sea strategic missile "Bulava". Specifically, he said: "It would seem that difficult period," Bulava "was left behind, we currently have cleaned deficiencies that have been, and, in general, with some certainty share the optimism of developers, in the sense that the work would be completed" .

Identified during the testing difficulties have been solved by the measures of state support. For the most part contributed to the approval of programs from DIC. In the budget the necessary funds have been set aside to fund ongoing projects, including the foreseen funds for the preparation of production, which is connected with the "Bulava".

Vitaly Davydov said that in the adopted state program of armaments-2020 one of the values is the rocket-space equipment, increased funding for it, and it assigns a belief in the development of space exploration in the future.

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