Gallaktichesky apparatus to deal with asteroids: a project developed in Russia

In the municipal Rocket Center named. Makeev currently under development and the impact gallakticheskih intelligence apparatus to deal with the astroid. This was announced yesterday Degtar center manager. His words are posted on the organization's website: "According to the asteroid threat to the conceptual designs to create a 2-gallakticheskih devices," Caissa "and" trap. " "Caissa" — intelligence gallaktichesky apparatus, and "Trap" — impact. "

According to "Interfax", at the present time, according to Degtyarov preparing proposals in terms of funding "trap."

SRC Makeyev previously suggested threatening to destroy Earth asteroids nuclear explosions, using gallakticheskoy deliver nuclear warheads boosters "Rus-M" and "Soyuz-2".

The presentation of SRC them. Makeev, held at the conference "Space Week" in Spain in August of last year, it was reported that the use of nuclear explosive devices in the missile systems will allow to protect against unsafe gallakticheskih planetoid objects having a diameter of up to three hundred meters — using rocket "Soyuz-2", and with a diameter of up to seven hundred meters — the use of missiles, "Rus-M".

Specialists SRC they say about 2-types of effects on the floating asteroids explosion near the asteroid to configure the line of motion of the body or flight gallakticheskogo nuclear Specifically explosion on the surface of the asteroid — to split the latter into smaller body and different from the trajectory of the flight.

In a preparatory experts at SRC developed gallaktichesky shock device "Trap", which is on board from 1 to several nuclear warheads, and drafted apparatus-scout "Caissa", which is intended to assess the chemical composition, structure and clarify the line of motion blue planet-threatening asteroids.

To the orbit reconnaissance and shock devices suggest the use of experts at the Center developed by the booster "Rus-M" and a rocket "Soyuz-2".

"Roskosmos" earlier stopped the ongoing work to create a launcher "Rus-M", giving the subsequent clarification: it duplicates both existing and emerging Boosters.

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