Generic Idols

Since ancient times, our ancestors portrayed images of various gods. Images were made of stone, tree, precious metals, etc. They are called by different names: the ones in the form of the statue — the idol in the form of a relief image on the plane — an image in the form of painting — Faces. Idols standing in a valley called "Idols" (Truth in the valley).

Talk about idol.

The word idol means "godfather" '- a relative, "peace", the universe, that is, idols Ecumenical cousins. Idol helps us to establish and support the two-way communication with the generic God and His power. Slavic gods — are our ancestors, and we are their descendants. Therefore, carving out an idol from the tree, and people cut statues of his ancestors and the purer the heart and soul of the Master, the more correct it depicts toro or no God, without distorting its image. Images of gods usually create from the male species: oak, beech, ash, elm, cedar. And the image of the Virgin of the female: birch, willow, larch, and so the Idol cut different symbols: swastikas, runes and signs. Idols come in sizes from 1 inch (17.78 cm) to 4 yards (1137.44 cm) and above.
Idol Rod depicted as a wise old man, watching the actions of his relatives and descendants. Man, look to their gods and ancestors with love in my heart, Idol helps focus and to establish with them a spiritual connection. Usually put idols in the temple and the sanctuary, at the family altar, in sacred groves, on the waterfront, in places celebrations and church services.

On the altar before Kumirs put bekrovnye sacrifices and religious rites (pancakes, fruit, nuts, etc.) The energy of these products rises to the gods and ancestors, and they, in turn, through this channel sends people to help, support and blessing.

Generic Idols carefully preserved and passed down from generation to generation. Ancient Idols keep ancestral memory of all generations rRodichey that with their help, offered up gifts and rites childbirth gods and ancestors. The more ancient idol, the more expensive it is for posterity. Idol opens your ancestral memory in humans. With Idols person can go back in time and see the lives of their ancestors.

Referring to the idol … Rod person applies to all his ancestors, to his family (genetic) of memory, drawing from it all that it needs to live in the world of waking. However, his birth canal increases. Man, as a leaf on the family tree, get more power from the roots — Ancestors and, remembering them, honoring and glorifying, it feeds their family love, care and joy. Therefore Ancestors so carefully preserved their ancestral Idols, transferring their descendants and willing us to carefully store them.

As stated in the "Word of Wisdom Velimudra Magi": "Save the apple of his eye as his idol, the heavenly gods, the protector of all the ancient banners of their fathers, for if we fail to save up shrines childbirth, not to escape the ancient throughout your sorrows dark hard times and losses."
Our bright celestial gods may appear in the World Reveal through people or through the Idols. Therefore, the more Slavic-Aryan Idols will be on the Kin altar, in your families, the more opportunities will be our gods and ancestors appear in the World Reveal and their support and patronage to such serious for the Slavs and Aryans time is a must.
Iudohristiane know it well, so try as much as possible to build their churches, to fill their space alien influence and power not to let the Slavs and Aryans wake up. They even created a commandment: "Do not make yourself an idol." And they have in view is the image of our gods and ancestors, so that we never have remembered that we Bozhychi-Svarozhich — grandchildren Light Solavyano-Aryan gods, and were slaves of the Lord their God.
In times of violent iudohristianizatsii burned, primarily Idols and images of the Slavic-Aryan gods. After a few generations people have forgotten about the Native Gods, losing their presence in their hearts, support Rod Heaven and his ancestors. As a result of the plight of the Slavic-Aryan family of genera became "dry up" because they were chopped off roots. Children today are born sick, and growing up, losing the notion of genus. Can save himself only we, if we turn to their ancestors and gods (are one and the same), the Creator of the GENERIC altar, POSTAIVM childbirth idol, light candles and incense bring rites and gifts, restore broken ties with Heaven and acquire protection and Genera heavenly gods.
Children growing up in the care of the Kin Idols will become stronger, and from childhood accustomed to live in relationship with the gods. These children will not be able to go astray and make them outcasts. And the children — our future!

Rod glory God!
Glory Rod — originator!
Thank the gods and the ancestors of ours!

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