Georgian expert: the Kremlin has no choice in the matter leader in Belarus


In a conversation with the Georgian Rirweli agency said Tbilisi expert, head of the Research Center for European Integration Vasili Chkhaidze.

In the context of the current Belarusian-Russian relations expert does not rule out Moscow's use of certain political forces, but also notes that the Kremlin is not any choice.

According to the analyst, "a large part of the Belarusian opposition increasingly focused on the West and Europe than Russia. As for Lukashenko, in spite of everything, he is still the leader with a pro-Russian orientation. " According to Vasili Chkhaidze Lukashenko thus well aware that only the dependence on Russia and isolation from the West eventually will end for him the loss of power. Given the recent developments with the meeting Lukashenko and "odious", with perspective Kremlin Saakashvili in the Crimea, as well as with the first interview of the Georgian leader Belarusian television analyst expresses the following opinion: Belarusian president is trying to diversify its foreign policy, and therefore to pursue an independent line from Russia to the extent possible.


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