Germany experienced the coldest night in the last 160 years

Germany experienced the coldest night in the last 160 yearsNight of 29 to 30 and from 30 to 31 December were the coldest in Germany over the past 160 years. Temperatures in some regions of Eastern Germany fell then to reach minus 24 degrees Celsius

On the night of 29 to 30 December in East Germany were reported record low temperatures since the beginning of regular meteorological observations in the region over the past 160 years. In some places, the temperature at night dropped to the level of minus 24 degrees Celsius and the average temperature was minus 21-23 degrees.

"With full confidence we can say that this night as a whole in December 2010, were the coldest in the last 160 years", — said meteorologist Stefan Lapsa of Meteomedia.

The lowest temperature in East Germany was recorded in the town in Saxony Sohland an der Spree — here the temperature dropped to minus 26 degrees, the IA

This winter in Europe and North America has justified weather forecasts that talked about one of the coldest winters in decades.

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