Getting Started Setting up a test for the polymerization of polypropylene polio (Omsk)

On the polypropylene complex "Polyom" started to work for the trial of polymerization, significantly improves the quality of products.

By setting a trial polymerization in the laboratory of Omsk polypropylene plant will be to assess the quality of raw materials. A new setting allows you to determine the quality of the catalyst and propylene purity before starting and operating the main production.
Through trial polymerization laboratory specialists will regularly inspect high surface activity of the catalyst for vysokostereospetsifichnogo polymer.

Furthermore, the new installation allows testing polypropylene produced by a number of parameters: particle size, bulk density, residual catalyst content, content of xylene insoluble fraction melt index.

As a result, the trial of polymerization, which lasts for about 4 hours, get 400-500 gr. polypropylene powder. The basis of the new unit is 4-liter reactor.

Supplier of laboratory equipment is a world-renowned engineering company TECNIMONT.

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