Ghost in an old dress filmed in the Welsh Valley

January 8, 2012 6:58

The Welsh Valley ghost filmed in an old dress.
Tourist Fija Paul (Paul Feehan) brought back from his trip to Wales unusual video. Near the village of Abersoch, he filmed and photographed his friend in the back dress a dark figure in a hat.

Paul and his friend, especially come to a quiet spot to relax in unspoilt nature. Now, time after time reviewing your video, Paul said that never before had such a shock. He is confident and swears that during the shooting and after that no one in the neighborhood and noticed this dark human silhouette even more so.

 The man in the dark when shooting is on the side of the road still to face is lifted. He is dressed in something like a cloak and hat. Paul said that his clothes like a national women's Welsh costume, which naturally is rarely now.

-When we went down to the lake, we saw no one,-says Paul — This is a very lonely and desolate place. We did not hear any footsteps, no question.

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