Ghostbusters will not be left without a job




Those who believe in ghosts, argue that people who recognize the existence of the afterlife, must also admit that the existence of ghosts. The majority of those who believe ghosts believe that otherworldly creatures live mostly in homes.

However, according to the professional "hunters" for the ghosts, the most popular habitat "trapped spirits" are fields of past battles. At the same time, the stories of "witnesses", the ghosts do not really look like a transparent figure, glowing in the air, sometimes they move or make sounds. Most of their presence heralds a cold breeze or odors.

Troy Taylor, a professional ghost hunter and founder of the American Society of ghosts recalls that he could smell the mint when he visited the battlefield at Gettysburg (it took the bloodiest battle of the war of the North and the South). Only later did he learn that in the XIX century, the locals used mint and vanilla in order to escape the smell of decomposing corpses.

Meanwhile, ghosts appear to be sufficient and homes. Many Americans are turning to the Ghostbusters. The president of the American Society for Research ghosts Dale Katsmarek notes that ghost hunters follow a specially developed system of investigation. The first step is a phone interview with a man who had seen a ghost — at this stage are eliminated jokers and mentally abnormal people. If someone in the family is interested in black magic or summon spirits, the "hunters" is at once disturbing, because they do not want to deal with the dark forces.

Then the "hunters" and "victim" ghosts meet in person. "Hunters" about the intellectual and psychological potential client and analyze its aura. "Hunter" finds out whether the patient wants to destroy the invasion of ghosts ghost or agree to continue to tolerate his presence. After that matched the necessary "weapon" and the hunt begins.

Equipment to detect ghosts is worth from $ 20 to $ 600. This camera and night vision binoculars, a variety of detectors, sensors and testers, devices that distribute light radiation in a small space that can help identify the presence of any "ghost" gases, special computer programs. "Hunters" inspect the area where the ghost was seen. Conducted photos and video — captured images analyzes the computer, which is to reveal the "hidden" images.

Houses, inhabited by ghosts, often have so-called "cold spots" that appear and disappear depending on the presence of supernatural phenomena — in the photo, they appear as a light haze. Hunting process can last from several hours to several days. If the client wishes to put an end to the anomalous phenomena, the case is connected to a psychic who "begins negotiations" with a ghost. All the services the Company provides research ghosts free.

Troy Taylor says that 90% of all cases of encounters with ghosts are a hoax. Despite the fact that Taylor has published 25 books about ghosts, he admits that he has seen only one "real" anomalous phenomena. Glowing in the dark oval diameter of about one meter slowly "leaked" through the walls of the room and was gone in 20 seconds. Taylor was so stunned that, in his words, was sitting in the room, his mouth agape, forgetting that he had a camera. It is reported by Washington ProFile.


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