Ghosts live in empty houses and cemeteries

December 23, 2011 19:20

"Fear not, the monk will come to you at night and will not drink your blood, — persuaded his nephew Sergei. — Rightly so, that did not say anything to parents. And I'll deal with the ghost … "

Sergei Volkov — a philosophy professor, department head at one of the academies. But in a city better known as a researcher unknown. That is why it came to him and his nephew Alex, showing a picture, which he and his companions lost their sleep.

Why monk eyeless?

15-year old boys have chosen to practice parkour — jumping from tall city buildings — a gated neighborhood on the outskirts of Arbekovo. There for many years gaping failures windows unfinished mansion. While the boys started doing a pretzel in the air, one of them recorded their mobile phone camera.

But suddenly stopped jumping — all huddled in front of the screen. In the picture on the second floor of the building on the corner delineated translucent figure. None of the boys could not see her eyes — it manifested itself only in the photo.

After Alex showed a picture uncle, Wolves primarily boys subjected to parallel poll, comparing versions of each. To draw the story was similar. Then the professor studied the picture.

Male figure in a silver cloak with a conical tiara on her head and huge black eye sockets either, or glasses anyone can plunge into horror.

Arriving at an unfinished house with appliances and video, Wolves began to measurements and surveys. The first thing that surprised — twice as low levels of radiation. If an ordinary background — 12 micro-roentgen per hour, at the cottage reading ranged between 6 and 7 mr / hr. Difficult to explain this oddity — in the nature of such places is not enough. About them the saying — "undead."

In one of the videos, the space in which the ghost has been photographed, seen falling snow or thick poplar fluff, which in reality was not. This oddity scientist recalled a similar incident that occurred during one of the matches of the FIFA World Cup 2006. Team Sweden met with the team of Trinidad and Tobago. Islanders before the match turned to Jamaican voodoo sorcerer who spent before the game magic ritual, calling the spirits to help ward. He promised the players: you can not lose. Sorcerer did not disappoint — the match ended 0-0. During the televised match millions of fans watched the white flakes or cottonwood fluff flew erratically between players. But neither the one nor the other at that time in Germany could not be. Maybe ripples on the screen — the consequences of the ritual voodoo priest? A camera was filming what the human eye can not see?

Who was on the road?

Still not cleared up until the end of the story with silver ghost scared the teenagers as there was no less strange case.

Elena Volkova former student, in July of this year, along with her husband went to the village of Vitali Bogorodka to her grandmother. In addition to her in an abandoned village still live two elderly men. Neighborhood for many miles there are no villages, no roads. Silence is such that it becomes uncomfortable. Elena took a few shots of the district: from Bogorodki soon be nothing left.

House, looking through photos on a computer, the couple noticed on one of the photos of the car not far off a woman's figure, the outlines of which were slightly blurred. However, Vitaliy and Elena convinced anyone that day near the village was not. Passer, if he were here, he could not pass unnoticed by the car — on both sides of the road on wet grass now growing on the marshy ground. Grandmother in her 85 already does not go anywhere. One resident Bogorodki that day was not in the village, the other all day will not be absent from the house.

A month later, Sergei together with Vitaly and Elena specifically went to Bogorodku. The professor made a lot of pictures of the same camera at the same time of day from the same place. The contours of a living person turned more apparent than in the female figure, which is now Professor Volkov confidently called ghost.

Savely Kashnitsky

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