Githorn (Giethoorn) — a village with no roads

January 28, 2012 19:55

In fact, in the old part of the village there is a bike path, we'll forgive it the Dutch prefer bicycles boats. Yes, that is located in the Netherlands this locality, which is often called Venice of the North.

If most of the channels in the Netherlands designed to move the ship and a drainage system in case of flooding, the Githorne, these very channels that are a consequence of employment rights. They were formed in places where previously mined peat. The fame of the village occurred in the middle of the last century, when the director Bert Hanstra shot here his comedy "Fanfare." In general, the village Githorn was founded in the year 1230 refugees from the south. Now this place — one of the most popular in the Netherlands and is often included in tourist itineraries.

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