Global kibergospodstvo U.S.

Global kibergospodstvo U.S.
Snowden revelations as a sign of the era of information warfare
Alexander Shapovalov
Promulgated by the former employee of the South American State Security Agency (NSA) Edward Snowden materials about U.S. espionage continues to haunt the world community. Feature international scandal broke was that the general stream of criticism kerf voice closest allies — states of the Euro Union. With all this as events unfold baring their own policy of double standards, for what you need to say a special thanks to those who organized the stuffing materials exposing the global mass media.

So, the first reports of hacking Yankees large databases of companies tapping favorites and members of governments in Latin America were left without any comment from the senior officials of Western European countries. But they do not become silent when a material, revealing the full nature electrical shadowing citizens of their states. Out of the mouth of some European managers sounded dissatisfaction excess activity of American intelligence. The essence of this discontent was to subsequent: we recognize the need for effective measures to combat international terrorism, but in the midst of friends spy unacceptable. Such restrained reaction completely understandable because another portion exposing materials testified cooperation of European and American intelligence services in the field of electric espionage. It was only after the publication of the facts wiretapping VIPs and senior officials of the European Union criticism of espionage sounded full voice.

For the first time since the end of the war there cool consolidated position of the whole group of countries condemning the acts of the U.S. administration. U.S. incriminated from the rostrum of parliament in Euro discredit allied relations and violation of the legislation of the European states. Samples Yankees prove reconnaissance need to counter terrorist threats are no longer perceived. European Parliament President Martin Schulz, to obtain data on the NSA spying for MPs and their offices, made a scathing statement that the European Parliament is not planning any terrorist attacks on the United States.

Latin American and European politicians and bureaucrats at various levels in unison actually propose to revise or denounce existing agreement with the U.S. and impose strict rules limiting and regulating the activities of American companies in the IT-areas of their states. In the statements of German Chancellor Angela Merkel sounded a clear reference to the revision of the irreversibility of the bilateral relations with its main strategic ally, «It is necessary to return the base of trust between our two countries. And words alone are not sufficient. Changes are required. » On its initiative to investigate the events of U.S. intelligence activities created a special commission of the European Union, which wants to work in areas including the United States. Merkel and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff agreed to lobby for the imposition of the respective issue at the UN General Assembly and to prepare a draft of the following resolution. Government Land of the Rising Sun also stated the need for painstaking investigation to uncover the facts of espionage.

We can state that in public wounded pride political control of Western European series inspired their own powerful condemnation overseas and other charges against him for human rights violations. It only remains to impose that the same principles will be manifested when Washington again decide in their own interests to unleash an armed conflict or provoke another «color revolution», ignoring existing mechanisms for international security.

But leave it to their conscience. We return to the spy story and draw attention to the fact that the central place it occupies in the NSA. It has long been clear that the agency is the main link U.S. intelligence community in the field of electric espionage. Materials from Edward Snowden only document the complete electrical surveillance citizens of many nations.

For example, according to data posted in October at the Paris Le Monde, only for 30 days — from 10 December 2012 to 8 January 2013 under the NSA spy programs from US985D caught more than 70 million people in France telephone discussions. Acquired information was processed and reduced to 62.5 million files, and is a 2-databases — DRTBOX and WHITEBOX. According to the views of the newspaper, such acts on the collection of disk imaging could be carried out against the people of other countries, because of their spyware program to have a similar designation. For example, in Germany — US987LA and US987LB.

Number of publications exposing this kind grows like a snowball. Based on them is perfectly acceptable to argue that the personal lives of millions of people can be the subject of surveillance of U.S. intelligence, and the information collected be used for the benefit of the United States they are actually in real time or expect your own hours, stored somewhere in the bowels of the NSA.

Why the U.S. needs such scale electric espionage and what goals they pursue? May agree with the views that nothing severe happened, spied always, and for all, most importantly, how to dispose of the acquired data, and generally in the era of the information society full eavesdropping and spying inevitably? Russian media have already appeared the idea that, say, nothing terrible happens, the consequences have not been and will not be, everyone can relax and ignore the history of Snowden. We offer easy to evaluate the known facts of espionage as they relate to the strategic goals and objectives of Washington.

Global kibergospodstvo U.S.

NSA — is a structural unit of the U.S. armed forces are involved in the overall system of information-analytical support of the military policy of the White House. Since then it has become nedavneshnih play a major role in the implementation of the latest strategic installations — the conquest of the global advantages in cyberspace, without which, according to the views of military and political administration of the USA, it is unrealistic to keep a leading position in a new century. The first time tasks to prepare the armed forces for actions in cyberspace were delivered in the State of U.S. military strategy in 2004. The term is considered as a sphere of warfare with land, sea and air and space and meant is the global scope of the information environment consisting of interrelated information technology structures, including the Web, telecommunication networks and computer systems, as integrated into their microprocessors and controllers.

In accordance with the planned strategic objectives adjusted plans and prepare the American armed forces. After a fairly busy checking some new conceptual provisions into practice in June 2009 by a combined U.S. Strategic Command created Cyber ​​Command — USCYBERCOM. Organizing its activities in almost everything relies on technological, operational and multifunctional abilities NSA. This was impressively demonstrated by the fact that the new unit commander appointed Director General Keith Alexander, NSA. He hitherto combines two posts.

Interaction of NSA and USCYBERCOM carried on the organization and management of electrical and kiberrazvedki also in the interests of the preparation and conduct of operations in the information space as the newest form of the introduction of the U.S. armed forces, enforced military strategy of the State in 2006.

A content analysis of recently developed doctrinal documents of the Ministry of Defense allows to conclude that cyber operations created to deal with 3 groups of tasks:

maintaining reliable and uninterrupted operation used U.S. cyberspace;
protection and defense of the public sector;
introduction of global cyberspace capabilities to solve goals and advance American interests.

Related activities anticipates not only the opposition and the oppression of the enemy in the information environment, it is still under way to support the military, intelligence, mental, individual-specific operations.

Became known applets electric espionage are only elements of the plan over the highest level, pursuing the achievement of global objectives. What is the goal, we can only guess, building a relationship with the strategic plans of cyber military-political control U.S. and practical steps to implement them.

We note that in accordance with the basic documents of South American military policy is focused on ensuring the primacy of the United States in the criteria for a new world order. Strategic management, signed by President Barack Obama in January 2012, and called — «Strengthening U.S. world leadership. Values ​​of the Ministry of Defense in the twenty-first century. » Approved in September of the same year, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) basic concept of the «Armed Forces 2020» the main purpose of the development of the armed forces that determines the formation of options to deliver preemptive strikes and demoralizing the enemy, which is to conduct operations to meet their liking in a new confrontation century. For this action provides synchronization of forces (troops) with the efforts of all parts of the state power and more than active verbovanie to act together U.S. allies and partners. Particular importance is attached to the integration capabilities of cybernetic forces and means to combat abilities and multi-regional commands the sun, and their interaction with other federal agencies.

It turns out that organized the Yankees complete electrical surveillance — it’s not just rolls activity of special services and not just the cost of combating international terrorism. The faster you can imagine that the NSA and USCYBERCOM lay base for future operations in the information environment. Namely, honed mechanisms for monitoring social networks and email activity. This is done in order to monitor the socio-political situation in the society and making so called social cards, revealing social networks, preferences, constraints, interests, plans, whereabouts and other information about citizens on the scale of the whole country for a certain period. In conjunction with the information and special operations, the technology of which the Yankees quite developed, it will provide great potential for manipulation of public consciousness and use people’s social activity in a successful direction for Washington. Something similar was observed only recently in North Africa during the «Arab Spring.» At the moment, saying that the protest movement and background information (twitter revolution, as in Egypt) were created in almost all artificially, including through the use of Internet technologies and social networks.

Represent the content and nature of future wars and conflicts allows information about hacker attacks, and then pop in the global media. Apparently, the use of cybernetic forces and resources may result in severe damage — disorganize control, incapacitate, industrial and military installations, systems and weapons systems, disrupt important fundamental infrastructures.

According to information from Snowden placed in the Washington Post in August today, around 600 Prof. burglars work in a special unit for the remote access operations (Tailored Access Operations — TAO), located at NSA headquarters at Fort Meade, Maryland. This highly secretive team engaged in the exploration of more fundamental objects, develops technologies cyberattacks and holds them as directed by the President. It is understood that the TAO team specifically involving Israeli colleagues developed and implemented programs from harmful Stuxnet and Flame for disabling database management system applets nuclear Iran.

Lack of data on tapping Russian municipal leaders and people does not mean that espionage is essentially non-existent. South American intelligence community has always regarded us as the 1st of the main geopolitical rivals. One can only believe that the Russian Federation has a means of impeding the actual current and future threats to their own security.

Alexander Shapovalov,
Doctor of Military Sciences, Associate Professor

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