Government: Taxes will be like in the West

From 2011 Belarus will become effective simplified tax laws. At the autumn session of the House of Representatives has approved a special part of the Tax Code, which will be governed by all of the state policy in this area. It will bring the expected liberalization?

According to the complexity of taxation of Belarus in the World Bank — to 183 place. The authorities claim that the measures will be made soon, it will radically change the status quo. Director General of the Tax Policy Department, Ministry of Finance Dmitry Kiyko says on the agenda — the maximum simplification of the tax burden, the approach of policy in this area to a sample of developed countries. Will be canceled a number of specific charges, which will reduce the tax rate expected to realize the transition from a monthly or even weekly to quarterly tax payments, introduced electronic declaration:

minimum tax on the composition and abundance, small tax rates, clear mechanisms for their collection …

"The target setting — the tax system according to the standards of developed countries. Ie — a minimum tax on the composition and size, small tax rates, clear mechanisms for their collection. With the implementation of these principles, especially by simplifying the tax law, a reduction in cases of breach. That, as cited as an example of Western countries — low-interest violations as a consequence of the action clear and simple tax system. And we annually, taking into account the achieved level of public spending, this go. So we destroy some taxes, lower rates. in this direction will also be reducing the number of offenses. "

One of the leaders of the movement of entrepreneurs Igor Glacier says that some of the steps the developers of the Tax Code of the undeveloped look and create more problems than convenience. Thus, the lack of a uniform standard in the electronic declaration leads to the fact that every time it is necessary to adapt to the requirements of any government agency. And yet — is it possible to speak with some of the disadvantages of a general liberalization in the tax area?

Igor Glacier

"Their life makes this liberalization spend as they see themselves: the problem will only grow. And then it's not so much the taxes themselves, but in fact, how the tax administration. World Bank is primarily looking at this figure, if the country awards some place. But now, we are outraged that not in our interest to enter the electronic declaration of taxation. In the state there are no uniform standards for certification of the so-called electronic key, and each ministry and agency to introduce its principles. turns out that the entrepreneur needs to have a whole " communication "these keys, which, as we state, is a violation of property rights. should be, as in the West, one key with which you formiruesh attitude and with its partners, and government agencies. Secondly, it is a violation of rights taxpayers who fund it all. Together with the electronic declaration — traditional issues fines checks for salaried individuals PIs. This is too painful for us. "

Representative of the Ministry of Finance Dmitry Kiyko promises reduction and fiscal pressure. Inadequate penalties that businesses had to pay for even the most minor infractions caused legitimate indignation on the part of both legal entities and individuals. In addition, the state supervisors reserved the exclusive right to organize raids on their own understanding of the situation:

from law-abiding taxpayers — check every 5 years …

"As for the controls, we have this work is highlighted in a separate block. Adopted 510 th decree stipulating the ordering of control activities on the model of developed countries. Platnik based on certain factors given the status of reliability, it zakonapasluhmyanastsi, and the status, will be carried out audits of its economic activity. For law-abiding taxpayers — once in 5 years. Accordingly, with a reduction in the number of checks the status will become more frequent. This is a common approach, it is now being actively analyzed. course, will be adjustments in order to reduce the interference of control in the activities of the subjects. therefore that the government is considering the direction of the liberation of business from unnecessary administrative penalty as a factor in economic development and liberalization of the economy. "

It is significant that when the promised reduction of the tax burden of excise duties on alcohol and tobacco products, by contrast, will grow. Under the government's policy on the fight against addictions to alcohol excise tax will increase from September 10, and on tobacco — 20%.



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