Grunwald: silence in the cafe. But there were stamps and coins

As in Belarus were marked the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald? Or organized these days festivities were celebrations? Or use such an occasion like an anniversary of Grunwald, businessmen, restaurateurs, tourist Agena for commercial purposes?

As for state events, the main celebrations were held three weeks ago in Navahrudak where a festival of medieval culture. State TV channels — and BT, and ONT prepared special documentary series that go on the air in these days. Young people have not given fully to fighting pillows, Minsk city executive committee banned the celebration of …

There is a cafe in the capital, with the title "Grunwald", which in the mid-1990s, in the, so to speak, anniversaries years has beena tradition to celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald. By the way, and the corresponding interior, knights in armor. As for the 600th anniversary, says lawyer, a specialist in the field of advertising Daria Katkovskaya:

I just outraged that the cafe with the same name is not used well, can the 600th anniversary of the Battle …

"I was just on July 15 at a cafe" Grunwald ", which Karl Marx Street, and I was just annoyed that the cafe with the same name is not used well, can the 600th anniversary of the battle. No program of the 15th was not even any ads. One could think of a thousand plush promotional ideas. I wish it was a marketalyagichnaga point of view. They could just great for a month "to cut the dough," and, in addition, has to raise the consciousness of Belarusians. On the subway was a lot of publicity in the Belarusian language — that I drove once and saw 4 different advertising travel agents who invited the Belarusian language in the Belarusian language to go on the 600th anniversary of Grunwald in Malbork. Those who want to earn money — earn. I know there has been a lot of wishing, it was quite difficult to get on these buses » .

We called the cafe "Grunwald", said Administrator:

"Have there been something the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald in the cafe? Did you have some kind of celebration?"

"At the cafe — no. I do not know why.'s A question for the founder. But this weekend, he just went to Poland for the celebration of the Battle of Grunwald".

But the Manager of Belarusian projects Ales Mazanik organized a presentation honoring the anniversary of Grunwald on July 15, in the capital's cafes "Valeria":

"I invited musicians: the folklore group" Hood, "Andrew Plesanova from" Plan. "Arrived in full ammunition with musical equipment. Participated Ian Mauser from" Mauser ", who read their poems, one of the most prominent poets of Vitaly Ryzhkov and a popular performer of his poetry Ragneda Malahovskiy. itself lasted four hours a celebration, it was held in such an easy, relaxed atmosphere. Next event will be dated to the 8th of September, the Day of Belarusian Military Glory. "


The National Bank of Belarus has issued commemorative coins for the 600th anniversary of Grunwald — gold, silver and copper-nickel. By the way, the commemorative coins issued in neighboring Lithuania and Poland. You can, of course, to argue, to someone like them, some do not, there's a matter of taste. On the Radio Freedom made by representatives of the Minsk meeting of the heirs of the gentry and nobility. Yuri Sheremet, According to him, expressed the collective opinion:

"If the Polish coin depicts King Jogaila, and if a little turn — 2010 and 1410 years. Nicely done. Lithuanians made a little easier: on one side of the" race ", the second — spears, images, well, more or less. And the Belarusian coin — on one side of carrots, and the other — daktylyaskopichny fingerprint.'s all, there's nothing we have not seen. "

However, in the description of the coin on the website of the National Bank that the members of the nobility found for carrots, served as a stylized image of the sword, well, and on the other side — a stylized print in the form of a thumbprint.

The Ministry of Communications and Information has issued a special stamp "600th anniversary of the victory of Grunwald".

Authors postal miniatury artists Anna Malachi and Ivan Lukin came more realistic — to make a fragment of battle, a battle scene.



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