Hamburger, forgotten in his pocket, lay a fresh 14 years


American David Whipple, who lives in Utah, accidentally found the burger, which was purchased by him in 1999, the restaurant chain McDonald's and forgotten in the pocket of his own coat.

Incredibly, however, after 14 years, everyone's favorite sandwich remained on view in the same, if he was just done.

In the words of David, he wanted to conduct an experiment to show everyone how fast food can be stored for a long time due to the presence therein of preservatives. Bought an American hamburger was going to open up and show your friends a month. However, I forgot about his venture.

All those years spent sandwich wrapped in its original packaging in the clothes in the closet. He was not touched by fungi or mold. There was not even any foreign smell. The only thing that happened during that time — dried seasoning.

David has still got the original receipt and stamped on hand McDonald's. It shows the document and a burger to his grandchildren to convince them in every possible way to avoid fast food and eat right.

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