He began to publish the magazine We are Russians edition of 5000 copies.

  In 2012, under the auspices of the Russian Union of Municipal Academy of Russian cities and started producing the magazine, "We — the Russians." 

 The journal is intended as a discussion platform for representatives of all the peoples of Russia, where everyone can speak to him on a topical subject. We are Russians-one people! And we will always live in our beautiful country in peace and harmony.

 Log feature is that the inhabitants of the cities and the most remote corners of our country may be placed on its pages, information and articles about the beauty of their homeland, as implemented projects in the development of local self-government, and famous people for whom service to the people was the sense their lives.


In the magazine you will always find the articles that interest you. The spectrum of affected us so huge. Magazine, "We — the Russians" will introduce you to the publication on the most refined tastes library. Russian, preferring analytical articles, find them on the front pages of the magazine. History buff can read materials about the stages of a long journey of our Great Motherland. Economic man looking in newspapers and magazines helpful tips will also find their niche. 

 And if the article is any interest you, touches a nerve, we will wait for the letter from you with your comments. And if the editorial box will not be empty, we will assume that our creative work was not in vain. We note in particular that the pages of our magazine are always open for discussion. For, as they say, "in a dispute born truth!"       


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