Hearing Aids

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It is very difficult to admit to yourself, especially if you're young, that the hearing is not the same and will have to wear a hearing aid. However, people who use this device in one voice say that it is still better than without him hearing loss is not depriving a full active life.

How to choose a hearing aid apparatus?

On what grounds can determine that a hearing to which you applied, trustworthy?

  • Minimum guarantee of quality — it's a license to trade in medical equipment. The company has a license, cherish it, and tries to work without breaking technology. Ideally, if the company where you came from — the official distributor of well-known manufacturer of devices, then the probability of selection and non-professional setting is minimal.
  • You must make sure that the materials used for the manufacture of ear tips are certified and equipped with office equipment for testing and hearing aid fitting. Should be applied to the unit detailed instruction manual in Russian and standard warranty for one year. Some firms surcharge offer a longer warranty.
  • Ask where the company repairs the vehicles: in yourself or in another city? It is desirable that the warranty and post-warranty repairs are undertaken by the distributor from whom you apparatus. In this case, you will avoid a long wait if it will have to take in for repair.
  • All consultations and preventive measures firm provides a unified set of services. So, taking advantage of its services, it is possible to calculate, for example, for a free consultation. Furthermore, doctor help solve the problem, and also taking into account your financial possibilities.

Price unit depends on many factors: the nature and degree of hearing loss, the amount of your visits to a professional setting unit finally from technologies that are used therein. Technological innovations are always very expensive. This is because the development of new models — the main cost item manufacturer. At the same time, high-quality hearing aids traditional technologies are cheaper. Thus setting carried out as carefully as for the expensive equipment: the same equipment, the same person, using their knowledge and skills.

In the case of bilateral hearing loss, the optimal solution is binuralnoe prosthesis, the prosthesis has two cameras, which will involve all residual hearing and the perception of sound as close to natural. At the same time you get the chance to distinguish the direction of sound, which is very important for orientation in space and the sound of your security.

How long a machine? High-quality hearing aids are at least four — six years. In many ways, it depends on the care of them.

In accordance with the instruction aid from your ear should be cleaned, and at the appointed time to contact the firm for preventive maintenance. Even a new pair of shoes a little too tight and requires a "posting". Perhaps the first time, an abundance of sounds from all sides will annoy you, but the sounds themselves will seem unnatural. Give yourself time to get used to the machine, and the result will meet your expectations.

Setting a hearing aid

Choosing a hearing aid, protect yourself from disappointment. It may be of good quality and relatively expensive, but it collect dust on a shelf without helping its owner. Why? Most likely, was purchased or not the device is incorrectly configured. Because hearing loss is very individual, and hearing aid requires a careful approach.

The technical level of modern hearing aids is so high that they really help bring back the ability to perceive the world in a variety of sounds. But the technical aspect is not the main issue. Auditory apparatus which does not put its qualified labor, costs nothing and does not help to return hearing. Its low-quality selection and adjustment will lead to the fact that the buyer will be disappointed and blame it manufacturers.

If done professionally, a good result simply can not be. The key to success — the exact implementation of technology selection and machine settings, joint painstaking work of the doctor and the patient.

The task of the physician to whom you have addressed — to solve your problem. And he must do it well — so that you are satisfied. After all, you buy exactly the problem.

Proper selection and tuning require a doctor's extensive experience and qualifications, and the patient — patience. In order to set the machine you need at a time to see a doctor. Do not hesitate to tell him about your feelings and wishes. A good doctor will alter and customize the unit for as long as you are not fully satisfied with the results. This is a job for which you pay the money.

The magazine "Family Doctor» (N9) September 1999

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