Heat wave in New York killing people

In New York, a heat wave in excess of 35 degrees Celsius, caused the death of two people in recent days. The victims of the heat were a child and an elderly woman …

According to news channel 24, the first victim of the heat was 94-year-old woman, who died last Saturday, July 23. Heat compared to other chronic diseases also caused the death of 10-year-old girl in Brooklyn.

Abnormal heat set at the east coast of the U.S. — in New York and Washington, the thermometer rises above 35 degrees Celsius.

The National Weather Center reports that in conditions of high humidity the heat is felt on all 41.5 degrees Celsius.

In New York, deployed in public places free drinking and also is equipped with "cooling stations" where people can spend time in air-conditioned environments.

According to U.S. media reports, more than 20 people died in the U.S. because of the heat wave. Such a record high temperature in the country was more than ten years.

Hospitals and health centers are filled with people with heat udarama. Because the temperature exceeded 37gradusov Celsius in most parts of the central and eastern regions of the United States.

Beaches and public pools filled by locals and tourists, trying to escape from the scorching heat.

The National Weather Service says that the heat, which claimed 22 lives in the Midwest is expected to worsen with temperatures up to 46 degrees Celsius.

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