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No matter how many passed through Begoml always wondered it the ideal vylizanastsi and the almost complete lack of people on the street. Always feeling is, if you go past the renovated houses, which has not yet had time to settle people. However, the secret Begoml accuracy is not difficult to solve. The township is at the crossroads of two busy routes. Minsk — Vitebsk and Braslaw — Logojsk. Therefore, there will always be svezhapafarbavanyya facades and manicured lawns.


Thanks crossroads here there are three places where you can eat cheap and tasty. But not only that glorious Begoml. Here, perhaps, the greatest concentration of monuments dedicated to war, per square kilometer. The aircraft "IL-18", a prototype of the American "Douglas", a monument on the site of the partisan airfield mass grave partisan guerrilla stele on the subject. And this is no accident. Begoml from the end of 1942 he was capital of a vast guerrilla zone.

But people in Begoml, of course, there is. You just need to look for any bright dvuhetazhki to see a permanent group of retired with his constant troubles and political deklyamatsyyami.

— Three-storey hospital is empty. We drive for 25 kilometers away in Dokshitsi. Old, blind. And there really do not like us.

— And no eye doctor, and no female doctor. Although we did not need it. A lot of the surgeon. And so we teach. Write on our behalf Lukashenko letter.

Why do not you write?

— Ah. We know how to write, but … So many doctors teach. And where do they go? Is abroad swim away. We also had a partisan district. The most painful. People died all. And the district eliminated. We absolutely launched.

And in this election you listened to the others, except for Lukashenko?

— They would have been eliminated long ago. We would die, it can. Traitors Belarus, that's who they are. But Begoml our hurt. In our house there is no water. A flat with a rise in price every day. No water, no toilet, no firewood.

— Guerrilla our land, the poor. And now we are happy with Lukashenko. We live out.

Through the words of that old Begoml old truth finally murmured. "Lukashenko satisfied, as lived out." Gnomic and not say. This phrase — very accurate response to Lukashenkava "Belarusian people will live poorly, but not for long."

"Poor partisan edge." The Germans did not stand on ceremony with the local people. But the peasants were dying not only from the German bullets. True picture of the last war trying to restore 80-year-old byagomlets Constantine Haiduk. On the fate of his family and Stalinism war erupted awful. My father was killed, "bodies" in the thirties. Germans burned the village. Uncle and cousin were shot by partisans. Teenagers Constantine helped in the forest partisan hospital, the partisans was his own brother. So do not believe his information there is no bases.


— I had brothers in the partisans, native. But the tip — it was the thieves and crooks. Mankovich Stepan.

And why was it arranged?

— Because he has built such a policy. They December 42nd expelled Germans. And in March, has already flown the first plane here. Already there was a guerilla zone. That is when the massacre began. "Why did not you go to the guerrillas? Why did you go to the Germans janitor? "When they came in Begoml guerrillas, January 8 was arranged massacre of civilian men. "Why they did not go off into the woods?" "Why are they allowed the Germans in the house?" Well, you know, were girls. When the Germans staged an outdoor party which, they claimed the elder — bring to the kitchen job. In this day, January 8, there is a Verasnevkay spruce, were taken there and killed. Shot. And the girls. Brought even from other villages. Started to go to the villages and destroyed. Here Gulbaravichy village. Went Vashkevich Zhbyr Alexander, head of Special Branch. And, you know, killed even children.

January 8, the second day of Christmas, they are all on the list. The horses were zatsuglyanyya. There's a stone church, it was a wooden house, where the headquarters of the guerrilla. There Mankovich sat guerilla chief. They took the people, and there in the forest. And my uncle stuck with the very first.

So it was a punitive action?

— It is.

And how many people were killed?

— About 60 people.


Begoml on the edge of a hill, stands a dilapidated muravevka. Ruin seen many of which streets. It is at its walls January 8 1943 year and the bloody drama was played out. Among the slain guerrilla commander Stephen Mankovich was a cousin of Constantine and his wife. Uncle's son.

— And then his son Victor. Already put it. A woman came down like, do not give the guerrillas. I do Victor and his sisters — to the headquarters. And Mankovich reported that they brought. "And why not shoot?" And when these women, the door is open, "Bring him here." And he shot him in the house. And right there and wife. Yet in sight. His wife, when she heard a shot, in this house. And he shot him.

— There were a lot of local people involved in the murder of civilians?

— There were some. Peter Batura. Shot my uncle.

— After the war they lived?

— I investigated. He came to another in Budilavku, began to question. "Look, you deserved people, the guerrillas were. Or maybe partisans who were shot? "He's already changed. "Who are you? What do you need? I was a partisan. " People were buried. And the subtleties I can not give. But Peter Batura just shot people.

— And he is alive and well?

— No. Human blood ruins. In the accident caught, lived ten years after the war. Married, two girls in it. And then got into an accident, and killed him.

Commissioner partisan brigade "Zhalyaznyak", the hero Soviet Union Stepan died in Mankovich1978 at the age of 72-x years, covered with glory and honor. Lived in Vitebsk, was at the party work. His family pictures can be found on the Internet. Sad woman hugging a chunky grim war.


The second picture is looking at us-grip guy in the cap slightly askew, and with a star hero on his chest.


It is hard to imagine that it's a killer, who shot straight women at the headquarters of his brigade. Recalls Constantine Haiduk another name. Mankovich comrade, with whom they have established in the collective farm system Byagomlshchyne.

— Two robbers. Two thieves. They robbed, after handing out. Basati. Vashkevich Ivan Moiseevich.

He also became a hero after the war?

— God still see murderers and villains. It collected a document for the awards. And sent for the front. The Germans shot down the plane, and they a
ll collapsed.

They did not live to see victory?

— Yes. Vashkevich did not live, and no one knows. Just know that the plane took off from here.

Yet there is truth on the ground, such as live researchers, enthusiasts, as Hayduk. That do not allow people to forget all the "exploits" Red commanders. And once again prove that the war in Belarus began long before the German attack. But back to our happy today. Where it is a company elderly women?

— And where you have gathered all the way?

The funeral. He died a young man. 46 years.

— Why so?

Norma went through.

— Where to go more often? At the funeral? Or to the christening?

At the funeral. Radin — give birth to weak. Who is going to give birth? We are not going to give birth. And where young people? No.

In the old Begomltsy is suppressed resentment against authority for the fact that the town has deprived the status of the district capital. Listen to old people — that kind of all worked in the DPC!

— How was the district center, there was a lot of work. And the district committee and the executive committee. And the prosecutor was, and the hospital was. Yet scatter. And the Young Communist League was!

— Nothing will change. All the way around, everything dies. Where a servant is sent back office and go.

— But we live. We have no wars, and quietly go quietly get up. As Lukashenko said in the dugout go, and not get up on his knees.

Are you ready to follow him in the dugout?

— Yes! Yes! Ready! I do not know why. But I'm ready!

I looked into the eyes of this woman and realized that she was not joking. Alexander G. can sleep peacefully. This will follow their leader even in the dugout, though the attack. But maybe it is not such a need? ..

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