Holy spirits and supernatural forces

At the dawn of mankind life seemed full of mysteries. People are surrounded by strange and mysterious phenomena.

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For example, they could not understand why a fully healthy person suddenly taken ill, why did not rain at his usual time, why naked, seemingly dead tree is green and fully alive at a certain time of year. Even his own shadow, beating heart and breathing were a mystery.

Usually, a person with inherent spiritual inclinations, began to associate these mysterious facts and phenomena with a supernatural force. But since she did not have the appropriate guidance and understanding, then her world was filled with souls, spirits, ghosts and demons. For example, the Algonquin, indiantsev of North America, called the human soul otachuk, which means "his shadow", a Malay of Southeast Asia believe that at death the soul of man comes out through the nostrils.

Today, almost on a common belief in the world of spirits and souls of the dead, as well as different ways of communicating with them.

Just the other elements of nature: the sun, the stars, the moon, rivers and mountains — were alive, according to the ancient people, and have a direct impact on their activities. Because these items have occurred, as if from another world, they identified with the spirits and deities — some of the good and positive, and the other with evil and harmful. With a run time of almost all religions beginning to occupy a prominent place of worship tvorilu.

We can find such beliefs in almost all the religions of the ancient civilizations. The Babylonians and the Egyptians worshiped the sun, moon and constellations. They also honored the wild and domestic animals. Indians are known for multimillion pantheon of gods. The Chinese have always had a sacred mountain and the gods of the mountains, and his piety expressed in the worship of ancestors. The ancient Druids of the British Isles was considered a sacred oak and specially the mistletoe that grows on it.

Later, the Greeks and Romans also contributed their part in the statement of belief in spirits, deities, soul, demons and saints in all sorts of subjects.

Although nowadays some people think it's all superstition, such concepts and is still found in the religious ceremonies of many people on a whole world. Some still believe that certain mountains, rivers, rocks of fantastic shapes, old trees and lots of other things is holy, and worship them.

About those places they build altars, shrines and temples. For example, the river Ganges is sacred to Hindus, whose lifelong dream — to bathe in her lifetime, and after death to their ashes scattered over its waters.

For Buddhists, is an extraordinary event to visit the area around the shrine Buddh Gaya in India, where, according to legend, the Buddha achieved enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. Catholics go on my knees to the Basilica of the Madonna of Guadalupe in Mexico or swimming in the "saints" sources near the shrine at Lourdes (France), hoping for a miraculous healing. Today, we can see how, in return, to worship the Creator, people worship the creation.

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