How many gold mined by mankind in its history?

November 1, 2012 21:05

How many gold mined by mankind in its history?

A complex and interesting. After studying the location of the ancient gold mines, determining the amount of the remaining gold products, read the written sources, the German scientists Zetber A. (1879), and then Mr. Quiring (in 1948) provide data for the extraction of gold in the history of mankind.

These materials against gold mining in the past considered classical. Because there is simply not possible with higher accuracy than did that scientists determine the gold production, for current statistics (because of great secrecy that has always surrounded the production of gold) was satisfactory about a century ago.

A. These Zetbera, G. Quiring and our estimates for the last decade suggests that the history of human society in the world (excluding LPG) extracted nearly 103 tons of gold, of which 40 — 45% and is now kept in vaults of different states as a gold fund (for example, in the vaults of the U.S. government in 1949 was concentrated about 22 tons of gold), about one-third of the gold is contained in the jewelry and, although gold "eternal material, yet 10-11% to abrade and mechanically destroyed, again scattered in nature. In recent years, an increasing trend of production of gold jewelry at the same level of volume-preserving translation of gold in gold bullion and bank slightly reduced its use in the industry as a result of successful exploration of substitutes.

In the past, people have tried to protect the wealth of gold, have resorted to different methods of storage. For example, in Bangkok, capital of Thailand, about 700 years there was a very large statue of the Buddha. About half a century ago it was decided to move to another location. At this unexpected burst stone shell of the Buddha. In the cracks glittered metal. Stone was facing. When it was removed, the people brought the golden Buddha, whose weight was 5.5 tons Perhaps in XIII-XIV centuries. during the internecine wars of the ministers at the statue of the Buddha dressed stone "spacesuit", so that the enemies do not see gold. This statue is kept in a golden shrine city of Bangkok.

103 thousand tons of gold. Is that a lot? Given the density of gold, you can see that in every cubic meter of 19.3 so it fits And it means that all of the gold produced by mankind, would occupy a volume of about 5000 m3, ie, could be accommodated in a regular mid-size auditorium or a large lecture hall. And now the annual production of gold (just over 500 tons or about 60 m3) may well fit in the room, which has an area of 20 m2,

In the ancient world for 5,000 years, until 500 AD, produced about 10.3 thousand tons (10% of the total production) of gold, and 41% in Africa, about 39% in Europe and 20% in Asia, with 500 1500 years — almost 2.5 tons (mostly in Asia and Africa). In the XVI century. Gold mining in the Old World a few falls, but growing in America. This provision is retained from the XVI to the XIX century. In the XIX century. almost a third of the world gold is mined in Australia, and with the XX century. the amplification of gold mining in the United States set the palm of Africa (South Africa). Such, in general terms the history of gold mining.

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